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Automotive Industry

Electromobility has no viable future without foundries

How will the supplier industry develop once the combustion engine becomes obsolete? Experts give the all-clear: Electric motors continue to rely on castings. Yet foundries and die-casting companies still need to prepare themselves for the transformation.

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Market Study

Car Companies Step-Up Investment in E-Mobility

The leading car companies are preparing for the breakthrough of electric mobility: According to an analysis by Ernst & Young, the 16 largest car companies in the world have initiated 25 investment projects in the past two years.

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Automobile Trend Report

Suppliers and OEMs Dread Climate Policy and Diesel Crisis

A study conducted by the consulting firm PwC asked OEMs and suppliers which topics they consider to be most challenging. However, they place a great deal of hope on e-mobility — almost 40 % of the respondents consider electric mobility as a sales driver in the next five years.

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Lightweight Construction Summit 2018

"Lightweight Construction is Even More Urgent in the E-Mobility"

Heinrich Timm, member of the Management Board of Carbon Composites e. V. and for many years head of the Audi Lightweight Construction Centre, talks about the potential of holistic, systemic lightweight construction, its significance in e-mobility and why lightweight construction has a marketing problem.

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Multi-material design of the A8

Lightweight Construction Succeeds with Material Mix

Frank Venier from the Audi Lightweight Construction Centre started this year's "Automobil Industrie" Lightweight Summit with a keynote speech on the multi-material design of the new A8 and the fourth generation of the "Audi Space Frame".

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Development of Electric Mobility Until 2030

The automotive industry is going to be electric. But what does this mean for German suppliers of combustion engine manufacturers? Answers to this question are provided by a current study conducted by the IVG.

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Areas of Application of Magnesium

Innovative Uses for Magnesium Die Castings

Magnesium die castings have an enormous field of application: Many different engineering disciplines benefit from the special material properties of this nonferrous metal.

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