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Metav 2018

Ongoing Economic High in the Metalworking Sector

According to a survey conducted by the organizer of Metav 2018, around one-third of the visitors indicated that they are planning investments, especially in machine tools, measuring technology, production and process automation as well as in precision tools.

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Lightweight Construction

Future Developments of Lightweight Metals

Lightweight Metals are important factors for the automotive industry, aerospace and leisure industry. This article describes the future areas of application for non-ferrous metals and shows the advantages of their use.

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The 10 Most Promising Technology Locations in Germany

Which German cities outside the major metropolises have the most promising future for tech professionals? The Joblift job platform investigated this question and established a link between the number of jobs advertised and the quality of universities.

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Casting Process Simulation Makes the Casting Process Transparent

Casting process simulation pursues different goals: it ensures the quality of a cast part, sets up robust processes or identifies and eliminates sources of defects. The main strength of simulations is their ability to create transparency by providing insight into the casting process.

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3D Printing

Bugatti Produces 3D Printed Titanium Brake Calipers

Bugatti stands for high-class sports cars, such as the models Veyron and Chiron. Now Bugatti developers have joined forces with Laser Zentrum Nord to produce a 3D-printed brake caliper for the first time. The special feature of this brake caliper is that it is made of titanium.

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Lightweight Construction Summit 2018

Lightweight Construction in the BMW 6 Series GT

Thanks to intelligent lightweight construction, BMW was able to reduce the weight of the new 6 Series GT by around 150 kg compared to its predecessor. In order to connect the aluminium rear longitudinal member to other body parts in accordance with the mixed construction principle, the OEM took a new interdisciplinary approach.

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Development of Electric Mobility Until 2030

The automotive industry is going to be electric. But what does this mean for German suppliers of combustion engine manufacturers? Answers to this question are provided by a current study conducted by the IVG.

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Areas of Application of Magnesium

Innovative Uses for Magnesium Die Castings

Magnesium die castings have an enormous field of application: Many different engineering disciplines benefit from the special material properties of this nonferrous metal.

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Lightweight Construction

Lightweight Construction with Non-Ferrous Metals, Now and in the Future

We’ve come a long way since the Copper and Bronze Ages, and the many uses of non-ferrous metals permeate the world around us. With their light weight, non-magnetic characteristics, and a higher resistance to corrosion and rust than ferrous metals, they are found in anything from jewellery and electronic applications to construction and the automotive industry.

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