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Typical automotive structural part made of die cast aluminium (a connection part for the Audi A8).
Structural Casting

Challenges for Structural Castings Due to Globalization

Die casting is an economic method for the manufacture of structural components in which foundries are confronted with numerous challenges. Modern manufacturing technologies and cooperation with other companies strengthen their competitiveness.

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Autonomous Optimization

The Impact of Autonomous Optimization on Foundries

MAGMA shows examples of developing the optimal gating and riser layout in combination with requiring the least amount of time and cost using the optimization tools of the casting process simulation software.

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Metal casting is an incredibly versatile and flexible process that can be used for a huge range of applications.
Heat Treatment

Do Metal Castings Need Heat Treating?

Metal casting is an incredibly versatile and flexible process that can be used for a huge range of applications as the huge product portfolio of MRT Castings shows.

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The light wings of the dragonfly are stabilized by a complex web of veins — a bionic model for lightweight design.
Anwendertreff Leichtbau 2018

Exchanging Ideas About Lightweight Design

On December 4 and 5, 2018, the affiliate portal Konstruktionspraxis will host the 3rd "Anwendertreff Leichtbau" in Würzburg, Germany, that focusses on new topics from lightweight design.

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The heart of an electric car is the battery. The cell quotas for the first wave of the ID family at LG Chem and Samsung are secured until 2026.

ID-Chassis: E-Mobility for a Large Company

The veil has been lifted: In mid-September, Volkswagen presented the chassis of its new "ID" electric model family for the first time in Dresden — and provided deep insights into its platform strategy for electric cars.

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