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Low labor costs are becoming a less important pillar of the Czech economy.
Foreign Markets

Shortage of Skilled Workers Thwarts Economy of Czech Republic

The Czech Republic's competitive advantages are dwindling. In a survey conducted by the German-Czech Chamber of Commerce, companies complain above all about the lack of skilled workers and vocational training, and about the rising wage costs. However, the country is still getting good grades.

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Full ranks at the welcome to the 9th Landshut Lightweight Colloquium: Around 170 participants attended the event.
Landshut Lightweight Construction Colloquium

How Lightweight Design Changes the Rules of the Game

Berlin, too, has understood it: Lightweight design opens up new technical possibilities. Undersecretary Werner Loscheider of the Federal Ministry of Economics called it a "gamechanger" at the 9th Landshut Lightweight Construction Colloquium.

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VEINO ULTRA 2000 offers an excellent release effect at a dosage of only 0.5 - 2%, leading to lower amounts of release agent usage and increased tool availability.
ASK Chemicals Veino Ultra 2000 Additiv

Reduced Release Agent Application and Increased Tool Availability

ASK Chemicals is launching a new additive that makes it possible to reduce the application of release agents and increase tool availability through longer cleaning intervals. The new hybrid additive was developed especially for use in the Cold Box process.

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In the eight-axis Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator, a robot guides an FDM nozzle and prints components on a rotating swivel table.
Alphacam: Additive Manufacturing Processes on the Road to Success

3D Printing Opens Up New Dimensions

3D printing can reduce costs, shorten throughput times and enable previously unimaginable component geometries. Read the interview with Martin Folie, Sales Manager Additive Manufacturing and 3D printer at alphacam swiss GmbH about the current trends in 3D printing.

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Hornet uses Rollon linear guides for sliding door systems, which are the basis for machine safety and for laser shielding.
Linear Guides

Safe Coating of Metal Components

Cladding is increasingly used to coat metal components. The machines use expensive lasers and are similar to machine tools. The sliding door systems for operator protection are equipped with robust, maintenance-friendly linear guides.

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The ultra-lightweight seat concept of CSI Entwicklungstechnik is a current example of the innovative strength of engineering service providers.
Lightweight Design

Ultralight Seat: Result of New Partnerships

In just seven months, several industrial partners developed a feasibility study for an ultralight seat. Not only the most modern technologies were required to this end, but also faster working methods. The result is a hardware prototype for the interior of the future.

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In addition to a well-functioning supplier base, OEMs need combustion technology expertise for their modern drive systems.
Rheinmetall Automotive

E-Mobility Needs Internal Combustion Know-How

For electric drive systems, automobile manufacturers need the internal combustion know-how of their suppliers, says Horst Binnig, head of Rheinmetall Automotive. This should have a positive effect on traditional companies.

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