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For MAGMA, simulation and Industry 4.0 are currently dominant topics.
GIFA Trade Fair 2019

Full Speed Ahead on the Data Highway

Electric cars are gaining momentum this year, and companies are increasingly developing into intelligent factories. Trends that the casting industry can also follow in the fast lane. Innovations at GIFA's Düsseldorf trade fair quartet this week will show how companies can become even faster in their development.

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ABB robots prove themselves in foundry environments not only through their performance and flexibility. The Foundry Plus and Foundry Prime protection versions ensure durability and robustness under the harshest conditions.
GIFA Trade Fair 2019

New ABB Protection Versions are Designed to Ensure Special Robustness

High temperature differences, steam, particles and dirt: the harsh conditions in foundries and forges call for particularly robust systems. Due to this, ABB will present their robot portfolio with protected versions for extreme working environments and will showcase the new IRB 6790 robot for high-pressure water jet cleaning applications at GIFA 2019.

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The new process is designed for mass production and, in addition to electric motors, predestined for use in the housing of batteries, power electronics and other similar products.
German Innovation Award 2019

Electric Motor Housing With Roll Bond Core

A manufacturing process for cooling ducts in cast electric motor housings for e-mobility applications won this year's German Innovation Award in the "Excellence in Business to Business" category.

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ZPF's new technology offers companies more flexibility in the recycling process and new opportunities to optimize the melting process.
Aluminum Chips

New Furnace Technology for Material Mix

ZPF, manufacturer of highly efficient aluminum melting furnaces, has just developed a melting furnace that melts down aluminum chips as well as recycle material and ingots, ensuring a sustainable utilisation system.

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After Voxeljet's CEO Dr. Ingo Ederer, he wants to be the first company worldwide to use fully automatic 3D printing in automotive series production.
GIFA Trade Fair 2019

Industrialization of Core Printing

Loramendi, Voxeljet and ASK Chemicals join forces in a key alliance to pioneer additive manufacturing in foundry serial-production and are going to show the complete integrated solution at GIFA 2019.

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To secure its position in the growing aluminum sector and to increase productivity, Metalfino decided to take the next step and revamp its fusion process.
Moto Honda’s Partner Prepares for an Aluminum Future

Metalfino Builds its own Melting Capacity

In order to significantly increase productivity and prepare for the future of a rapidly growing aluminum market, the Brazilian industrial supplier Metalfino da Amazonia Ltda. in Manaus decided to set up melting capacities in-house.

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