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VDA Expects Car Production in Germany to Decline

At the Geneva Motor Show, the German manufacturers wanted to score points with "numerous world premieres", the VDA association announced. Yet the mood is subdued: Risks such as a hard Brexit, an economic downturn and trade disputes are hanging over the industry, while car production in Germany is set to fall.

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Who will make it to 1st place?
Possibilities with Zinc

Zinc Die Casting Award 2020

Zinc die casting has consistently developed over the past decades and proven its potential. For thin-walled, lightweight, small and filigree objects as well as for large parts, the demands on speed, efficiency, stability, haptics and appearance are increasing - and the material and energy consumption is constantly decreasing.

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Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management for E-Mobility at Volkswagen and Managing Director of Volkswagen Saxony: "We want to help the electric car achieve a global breakthrough."
Interview with Thomas Ulbrich

E-Car Production: “This Is a First in Europe”

Volkswagen is converting its plant in Zwickau/Mosel: It is to be the Group’s first plant to exclusively manufacture electric vehicles in large numbers - a strong signal for e-mobility. In an interview, Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management for E-Mobility at Volkswagen and Managing Director of Volkswagen Saxony, talks about the underlying motives.

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Oldtimer parts such as this chromed "bumper" of an old Vespa can be reproduced using the 3D printing process.
Oldtimer Parts

3D Metal Printing - From Bumper to Hinges

There are often limits in the automotive aftermarket. There are boundaries between old and modern technology. But hardly any other modern technology is as predestined for use in the restoration of historical cultural assets as 3D printing.

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New digital production visualization at pressmetall.
Research and Innovation

Equipped for the Future with a Digital Production Image

The industry supplier pressmetall Gunzenhausen GmbH in cooperation with the University of Ansbach introduced a new IT solution for a digital production image. Its customized dashboards significantly improve production planning and control. The solution lays the foundation for further digitization measures.

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Microstructure with needle-shaped ferrite
Reversing Trend

Lighter than Aluminum, Harder than Steel

As a portal for light metal casting, we report almost exclusively on light metals as aluminum, magnesium or zinc. But when so-called ADI constructions have the potential to be lighter than aluminum components, we make an exception.

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Industry 4.0 will get more important within the next years and that there will be a high pressure to invest.
Management Statement

"We Have to Tackle the System as a Whole"

In the interview, Jonathan Abbis, Managing Director of Bühler Die Casting, clearly demonstrates the relevance of Industry 4.0 in foundries. A so-called cell management system is supposed to increase the transparency of the die casting process and thus successfully digitize foundries.

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Established companies offer the greatest potential for digital transformation. However, traditional industrial companies are too focussed in the concentration of their digitisation strategy on optimisation of the processes used in their existing business.
Established Companies and Start-Ups

Stronger Together: Digitisation is Dematerialisation

Established companies rarely seek new growth through new services. It is precisely here that traditional companies and start-ups can successfully learn from each other, as examples from the metal industry show convincingly.

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