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The science of data analytics is transforming industry, manufacturing, processes and services globally.
Green Sand Casting

Optimising Additives in Foundries by Using Dose-By-Need

Data analysis can be an essential decision-making aid for foundries to control sand processes from estimate-based or experiential additive dosage to near accurate variable, dose-by-need additions for better casting outcomes.

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With Laserax’s patent-pending laser marking process, it is now possible to identify parts right out of the die and feature tracking codes that will resist any post-process treatments, including shotblasting.
Laserax News

Shotblast Resistant Laser Marking

Laserax launched its patent-pending shotblast resistant laser marking process that is a game changer for customers looking to achieve foolproof lean traceability.

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Rheinmetall and Huayu have developed a new low-pressure sand casting process.

Rheinmetall Develops New Casting Process

The joint venture between Rheinmetall Automotive and China's HUAYU Automotive Systems has developed a production process that is particularly suitable for highly complex engine block geometries and electric motor housings.

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