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Future Developments of Lightweight Metals

Lightweight Metals are important factors for the automotive industry, aerospace and leisure industry. This article describes the future areas of application for non-ferrous metals and shows the advantages of their use.

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Labor Market

Designers for 3D Printing in High Demand

3D printing creates new jobs: According to an analysis by Joblift, the number of job advertisements in the 3D printing sector has almost doubled last year. Designers and machine builders for mechanical and plant engineering are particularly sought-after.

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Wolfensberger Foundry Sold to Private Equity Firm

The Munich-based investment company Fidelium Partners acquired the Wolfensberger AG foundry based in Bauma, as of December 31, 2017. Management under the leadership of Markus Schmidhauser and all employees remain with the company. In addition, the buyer has agreed by contract to continue operations at the Bauma site.

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Casting Process revolutionized by Click2Cast

Altair Engineering and Solid Thinking presented the new Click2Cast 2018 release as a world premiere at Euroguss, which took place in Nuremberg from January 16 to 18, 2018. Powerful geometry creation and modeling capabilities have been added to the software, allowing users to design and optimize the entire casting process on a single platform.

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ERP Software

10 ERP Trends to Bear in Mind in 2018

Digitization has arrived in medium-sized companies. Depending on how much companies deal with this topic, completely new priorities for ERP users are set to emerge this year.

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Areas of Application of Magnesium

Innovative Uses for Magnesium Die Castings

Magnesium die castings have an enormous field of application: Many different engineering disciplines benefit from the special material properties of this nonferrous metal.

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Lightweight Construction with Non-Ferrous Metals, Now and in the Future

We’ve come a long way since the Copper and Bronze Ages, and the many uses of non-ferrous metals permeate the world around us. With their light weight, non-magnetic characteristics, and a higher resistance to corrosion and rust than ferrous metals, they are found in anything from jewellery and electronic applications to construction and the automotive industry.

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