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The US manufacturer of vacuum components Sputtering Components Inc. from Owatonna (Minnesota) has been taken over by the Bühler Group.
Sputtering Components Inc.

Bühler Acquires Manufacturer of Vacuum Components

The US manufacturer of vacuum components Sputtering Components Inc. from Minnesota becomes a part of the Bühler Group. The company from Uzwil has taken over all shares from the previous owners and will integrate the company into its own coating division.

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During the first half of 2018, Apple used more than 4,000 tons of lightweight metal in its aluminum-coated iPhones.

Current Trends in Aluminum Extrusion

The extrusion process of aluminum allows to take advantage of the qualities of aluminum and offers a larger number of design options. The use of aluminum alloys in the extrusion sector has grown annually by 6 % during the last 5 years.

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Metal casting porosity can affect the part’s structural integrity, creating a failure point.

What Size of Porosity Can Vacuum Impregnation Seal?

The goal of a foundry is to produce high quality die castings that meet or exceed the customer’s specifications at a competitive cost. In some cases, those specifications call out maximum defect size and/or require that the part must hold pressurized fluid or gasses.

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Digitization not only determines production but also the way in which the designer will work in the future.

The Future of Construction

The digital revolution also affects the designer's job description and self-image — and those of them who are not prepared to surf this wave are swept away by it. Basically it is important to be prepared for current trends such as big data, artificial intelligence or automation - even in the die casting sector.

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The automotive supplier Alu-Druckguss has filed for insolvency at the Potsdam District Court due to imminent illiquidity.
Automotive Suppliers

Alu-Druckguss Files for Insolvency

Alu-Druckguss has filed for insolvency due to imminent illiquidity. The supplier specializes in the production of high-quality aluminum die-castings using complex machining processes and in the assembly of system components.

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The second­generation G350 has a revamped machine design and several new components.
Grob-Werke/ AMB

Machining Centres are Getting Equipped for Industry 4.0

Presenting at AMB for the sixth time, Grob-Werke will showcase four universal machining centres, automation solutions and the company’s Grob-Net Industry software technology, that facilitates paperless communication for higher productivity.

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BMW is constructing a factory in Debrecen for over one billion euros.
Market Insights

Automobile Industry Developments

During the last weeks, two important announcements were made regarding the Hungarian automobile industry. One, the vehicle factory of Audi Hungaria Zrt. located in Győr has started the serial production of electric engines, and the other, it was revealed to no surprise that BMW is building a factory in Debrecen.

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