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Interview with Markus Lienkamp

"There is no Alternative to Electromobility"

Electromobility is coming! In this interview, Prof. Markus Lienkamp, former VW manager and current head of the Department of Automotive Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, explains why e-fuels and hydrogen are no alternative and how new market players are doing.

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The Lightweight Design of Jaguar`s I-Pace

With the launch of the I-Pace, Jaguar tries to take the lead in the E-Mobility revolution. Thus, it tries to keep up with the industry’s leader Tesla. Lightweight construction plays a major role in the manufacturer’s new SUV.

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3D Metal Printing

Comparison of Two Multi-Laser 3D Printers

Last fall, two new multi-laser 3D printers were introduced. Both printers are based on the powder bed process. Where are the similarities and where are the differences of both systems?

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