3D Metal Printing Simulation Becomes More User-Friendly

| Editor: Alexander Stark

At the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK, Materialise NV presented its simulation software for 3D metal printing in order to simplify simulation management.

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Materialise's simulation software is designed to bring the simulation of additive manufacturing processes to the production level. It is based on Simufact Additive Solver.
( Source: Materialise )

Materialise presented a simulation software for 3D metal printing. Combined with its Magics 3D Print Suite, the software is designed to bring additive manufacturing simulation to the production floor by providing easy-to-manage simulation capabilities at comparatively low prices, the Belgian software company announces. The software is available as a module of the Magics Suite.

Materialise has been designed to make simulation management easier and more accessible to a wider number of users. They can apply simulation results directly to the support generation and orientation tools in the Magics environment. The solution supports fast repetitions on a standard workstation without high-end computing power and can also be used in combination with other Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) solutions for certified metal production, the software company says. The module includes an integrated calibration feature that is designed to guide the user to the correct simulation settings for their metal printer.

The simulation module is based on an OEM version of the Simufact Additive Solver. Simufact Additive is a scalable software tool for the simulation of metal-based additive manufacturing processes. The combination of Simufact’s simulation expertise with Materialise’s data and build preparation software allows users to better control the pre-build process within their familiar data preparation environment. The Materialise simulation module is now available.

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