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3D Metal Printing 3D Printer Changes its Substrate Plates on its Own

Author / Editor: Simone Käfer / MA Alexander Stark

At Formnext 2019, Trumpf presented the Multiplate for its Truprint 1000. Its substrate plates are changed automatically by the machine without an operator having to open it and insert a new plate.

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Trumpf presents a 3D printer with automatic substrate plate change.
Trumpf presents a 3D printer with automatic substrate plate change.
(Source: Trumpf)

The recoater, the tool for powder application, pushes the substrate plate into the overflow container at the end of the print run. The machine then automatically goes to work on a new substrate plate. This is how the Multiplate works in the Truprint 1000 from Trumpf. The system can immediately start the next print job without an operator having to open it and insert a new plate, explains Trumpf. This saves time, costs and resources. In addition, manufacturers can avoid bottlenecks during order peaks because the machine runs overnight. The solution is particularly well-suited for industries where orders tend to fluctuate greatly. If you already own a Truprint 1000, you can add the multiplate function to the machine.

In addition to the recoater, the construction cylinder and the overflow tank play an important role in automatic substrate panel change. Both components are located below the process chamber. In the construction cylinder, the printed component is produced on a substrate panel, while the system collects excess powder in the overflow container. With the Multiplate, the recoater, which distributes the powder in the build space during printing, handles what is usually the machine operator’s task. It pushes the substrate panel into the overflow container of the plant. A spring support mechanism ensures that the overflow container lowers the substrate plate evenly. The next substrate plate is standing by in the TruPrint 1000's construction cylinder. After printing a component, the system lifts the new plate up into the process chamber. The TruPrint 1000 immediately starts the next printing job without an operator having to intervene.

This article was first published by MM MaschinenMarkt

Original by Simone Käfer / Translation by Alexander Stark

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