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A Different but very Funny Approach to eMobility: The Mercedes AA Class

| Editor: Matthias Brandstätter

eMobility is a game-changer: for OEMs and suppliers like foundries the electrification of the powertrain represents either a fundamental threat or an enormous opportunity. We show you the third facet of this megatrend: humor

Funny spot: More than 9,500 batteries are necessary to power the AA-Class
( Bild: Pixabay / CC0 )

Old but gold: In April 2016, the American comedy show "Saturday Night Life" or short SNL released an alleged advertising spot for Mercedes Benz. In this fake commercial the actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, especially known from the series "Seinfeld" and "Veep", introduces the AA class of Mercedes. And the name says it all: This e-car is powered by exactly 9,648 AA batteries with 1.5 volts each.

But take a look for yourself:

And Mercedes Benz also reacted humorously. The premium manufacturer pointed self-mockingly to the "complimentary recharging station". This is how to play social media!

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