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Award Ceremony Affiliate Portal Honors Metalworking Innovations at AMB 2018

Author / Editor: M. A. Benedikt Hofmann / Alexander Stark

The MM Award of our affiliate portal MM Maschinenmarkt presented at the AMB, honored special innovations in the field of metalworking.

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The winners of the MM Award at the AMB.
The winners of the MM Award at the AMB.
(Source: Stefanie Michel/VCG)

In the evening of the first day of AMB, 18 to 22 September 2018 in Stuttgart, MM Maschinenmarkt presented the MM Award. The award honors special innovations in the field of metalworking and supporting technologies. A total of five companies were honored for their innovations in four categories. Of the numerous applicants, three companies in each category were shortlisted. The winners were then selected by a jury consisting of five specialist editors from MM Maschinenmarkt and according to a fixed set of rules.

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Category Machine Tools

The MM Award in the machine tool category went to the multi-spindle automatic lathe with Swiss type function Index MS22-L from Index-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Hahn & Tessky. This is the world's first multi-spindle lathe that enables two tool carriers per spindle position to be used simultaneously in a 6-spindle Swiss type function. The machine drastically reduces the need for peripheral equipment such as coolant systems, handling systems or chip conveyors. A swiveling synchronized spindle also enables a cutoff process and rear-end machining with three tools, whereby milling operations can also be carried out using tool carriers. According to the Index-Werke, the most important users will include manufacturers of series parts such as injection nozzles for combustion engines or nozzles and pistons used in fluid technology as well as for implants in medical and dental technology. A further field of application in the future will be the production of electric drives.

The following companies also made it onto the shortlist in the machine tool category:

  • MHT GmbH Merz & Haag with the medium distributor IKM,
  • Stama Maschinenfabrik GmbH with the milling and turning machining center Stama MT 733 two.

Category Precision Tools

The jury was equally impressed by two innovations in the precision tools category. Due to the tie, an exception was made, and two products were awarded. One of the prizes went to the turning tool Freeturn from Ceratizit Deutschland GmbH. This is a turning tool with a screwed-in turning insert that combines the turning operations of roughing, finishing, contour turning as well as facing and longitudinal turning. A variable angle of approach during the machining process makes it possible to influence the process with regard to chip control or workpiece contour, for instance. In addition, the slim, axial tool design provides a degree of freedom of 360°. With the help of Freeturn, components with complex contours can be manufactured without restriction using just one turning tool.

Sandvik Coromant could convince the jury with their Corocut QD-Y, which enables Y-axis parting. This allows much larger diameters to be parted off than previously possible. The process also significantly increases the use of modern multi-task machines for parting off. It can also machine large diameters, up to 180 mm (7 inches). As the force vector is directed diagonally into the tool, the stiffness of the blade is increased by 600 % according to Sandvik Coromant. Parts can be parted off closer to the subspindle to save raw material and improve the stability of the operation.

The following company also made it onto the shortlist in the Precision Tools category:

  • Vandurit GmbH with the turning tool Rollfeed Turning.

Category Measurement & Quality Assurance

With Vset, a visual and automated system for measuring and aligning raw parts, Soraluce S. Coop was able to convince the jury in the Measurement & Quality Assurance category. Vset is used to measure the geometry of the workpiece outside the machine. A specially developed photogrammetry technology is used for this purpose. In the best-fit calculation, the geometry of the workpiece blank is compared to the 3D data and an allowance check is carried out to ensure the quality of the workpiece blank. The software also generates a clamping plan for the workpiece including detailed information relating to a reference point for the operator. The reference points are automatically captured by the machine using a touch sensor. Vset is designed to improve the productivity of large milling machines by reducing clamping and alignment times by up to 70 %.

The following companies also made it onto the shortlist in the Measurement & Quality Assurance category:

  • Renishaw GmbH with the roughness sensor SFP2,
  • Vito AG with the KSS filter Vito 90.

Category Industrial Software & Engineering

In the Industrial Software & Engineering category, the jury presented the MM Award for AMB to the real-time collision avoidance system Protectline from Chiron Werke GmbH & Co. KG. Based on the digital twin technology, Chiron has developed Protectline, a real-time collision avoidance system as an option for new Chiron machine tools. Machining, including workpieces, turrets, clamping jaws or tools, is simulated in all operating modes — in real time with a minimal lead over real machining. This allows the virtual environment to predict a collision and then stop machining in fractions of a second. With this solution, Chiron is further expanding the digital process chain from NC simulation prior to machining through to real production and provides additional safety if the machine operator actually makes changes to the machine.

The following companies also made it onto the shortlist in the Industrial Software & Engineering category:

  • Comara GmbH with Comara Appcom for captruing extensive machine and production data,
  • Hommel CNC-Technik GmbH with Connect Plan, a complete solution for networking highly automated production plants.

This article was first published by MaschinenMarkt

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