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Market Situation Aludyne Plant in Ostrava to Employ 350 People

Editor: Nicole Kareta

Automotive parts supplier Chassix changed its name to Aludyne and opened their plant for manufacturing aluminum components in Contera Park Ostrava City. The plant will produce aluminum chassis components for the automotive industry.

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Aludyne is currently number one globally in the production of aluminum knuckles with 23 plants in all regions.
Aludyne is currently number one globally in the production of aluminum knuckles with 23 plants in all regions.
(Source: Aludyne)

Lukáš Svobodník from the industrial leasing team of Colliers International Czech Republic successfully negotiated the long-term lease of 14,700 sqm of production, warehouse, and administrative space in Contera Park Ostrava City on behalf of Chassix/Aludyne. These build-to-suit premises will be used by Aludyne to manufacture aluminum suspension components for the automotive industry. The project also accommodates approximately 2,000 sqm of Aludyne’s office and administrative space, the rest will be used for production and warehousing purposes.

As Aludyne required production premises, Colliers needed to secure space that would meet the client’s special requirements such as overhead cranes, increased fire safety, larger LED lighting intensity on the shop floor and other requirements for a state-of-the-art production facility. The above standard tenant improvements of the premises amounted to tens of millions of Czech crowns.

Aludyne plans further expansion of the plant and the creation of 350 jobs in Ostrava

Operational positions (workers) where basic education is sufficient are required mainly for casting operations, control stations, X-Ray stations etc. In addition, Aludyne will be looking to hire shift leaders, CNC engineers, robot programmers, maintenance engineers, quality engineers for metallurgical laboratories, 3D measurement engineers, and process engineers for casting and machining, where secondary or higher education is required.

The motivation for the decision to open the plant in this location was the availability of the workforce in Ostrava, in combination with attractive commercial terms and the high technical standard of the premises that were delivered in the required time. Aludyne is currently number one globally in the production of aluminum knuckles with 23 plants in all regions.

“I am pleased to announce that Ostrava is becoming the biggest plant of Aludyne in Europe supplying premium brands such as Porsche, Audi, Jaguar and BMW“, said Valentin Lange, VP and General Manger of Aludyne in Europe.

“I am pleased that, again, we succeeded in a very competitive market, and Aludyne chose the Moravian-Silesian Region for its further development. As one of the three main development regions of the Czech Republic, headed by Ostrava, we have a quality infrastructure, a strategic location at the borders of two states, proximity to major customers and sufficient skilled labor. I am particularly pleased about the company’s plans to cooperate with the local technical university, which will offer graduates a wide range of job opportunities and the opportunity to gain experience from abroad, which they will then apply in the development of our region,” said Jan Krkoška, Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region.

“We are glad that our clients are prospering, and that we can offer them space for expansion within our portfolio. We are also pleased that our Contera Park Ostrava City is home to production, logistics and warehousing companies that are creating employment opportunities,” commented Dušan Kastl, CEO and Partner, Contera.

Contera has been collaborating with Aludyne since 2018 when they developed a 15,000 sqm hall for the company in the first phase of the project. This year, Aludyne and Contera agreed on the execution of the second phase. The premises, with a total size of 5,500 sqm, will be handed over to the client in the summer of 2020. In total, the building will have approximately 20,000 sqm and will be fully equipped using of modern technologies. Contera hopes that the building will serve Aludyne for many years to come.

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