Aluminum Anodization - Current and Future Requirements

This whitepaper contains:
• Market review
• Individuel, process-oriented solutions
• Components without final surface treatment
• Process parameters
• Future trends



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To ensure corrosion protection and a good appearance of the aluminum parts in automotive brakes, anodization is the most suitable process.
The market share of car brake parts made of aluminum and the quality requirements placed on these parts are increasing. Factors such as corrosion protection — which is important for the reliability of the system — and appearance are decisive. The anodizing processes playing a major role in achieving these requirements.
Due to the composition of brake components made of aluminum alloys, the anodizing process places special demands on the coater and thus on the process suppliers. This article deals with the requirements for brake calipers made of anodized aluminum and the future trends that will drive process and performance improvements in the automotive industry.

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