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Additive Manufacturing at Formnext 2018 An Abundance of Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Editor: Briggette Jaya

New additive manufacturing innovations will be a key focus at the Stratasys booth at Formnext 2018.

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The F370 3D printer, from the F123 Series, continues to be a hit among design workgroups following its introduction last year.
The F370 3D printer, from the F123 Series, continues to be a hit among design workgroups following its introduction last year.
(Source: Stratasys)

Stratasys will showcase newly advanced additive manufacturing solutions that specifically address requirements of customers across a broad range of industries – driving new transformations in design and manufacturing workflows.

Highlighting its newest material and application advancements, the Stratasys booth at Formnext will incorporate four focus areas – concept modelling, prototyping, tooling and final part production. Each area will feature a wide range of parts and customer-use cases, demonstrating the company's proposition in additive manufacturing to drive efficiencies throughout the product development cycle.


The Four Areas of Additive Manufacturing

Visitors to the Manufacturing Corner will see how Stratasys FDM additive manufacturing produces one-off, customised tools for the production floor on-demand, as well as 3D printing spare parts for direct use in vehicle interiors. This improves lead times per part up to 95%, the company notes. FDM additive manufacturing eliminates storage needs of excess parts to allow for the most digitalised rail maintenance depot.

Durable yet lightweight FDM materials used by automotive and aerospace companies will also be showcased. Stratasys’ industry-proven Fortus range of 3D Printers will be on display – the Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition. Containing 35% chopped carbon-fibre, Nylon 12CF is strong enough to replace metal, allowing designers to develop more practical and functional designs. The company will demonstrate how mechanical properties of FDM Nylon 12CF enable engineers to explore the transition from traditional metal parts to 3D-printed plastic composites.

Reflecting the continued importance of 3D printing for rapid prototyping, solutions aimed to meet the needs of the full prototyping workflow - be it concept modelling, design verification or fully-functional prototyping – will also be displayed.

On show too is the Stratasys J750, said to be the world’s only multi-material, full-colour 3D printer that produces complex, colour, multi-assembly prototypes in a single print.

At the Prototyping Area, the Stratasys easy-to-use F123 Series, which is good for office spaces and design workgroups will be presented.

For the first time at a European trade show, Stratasys will outline latest developments of the company's metal 3D printing technology with new application parts in the Innovation Area. On display will be an array of parts produced on the Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator, the company's visionary production system developed in close collaboration with Siemens. This system, according to Stratasys, prints with an 8-axis motion system composite parts faster than ever before – and uniquely – without the need for support material.

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