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Andreas Müller Appointed new CEO at GF Corporation

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Andreas Müller follows in Yves Serra's footsteps and will take over as the new CEO of Georg Fischer Corporation at the annual general meeting on 17 April.

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CEO change at GF Casting.
CEO change at GF Casting.
( Source: GF Casting )

Andreas Müller is today CFO of the Georg Fischer Corporation. Previously, he was CFO of GF Casting Solutions for eight years. Andreas Müller has an extensive experience in finance & operations, portfolio management, acquisitions, risk management, IT and strategy. He studied business administration at the University of Konstanz (Germany) and started his career as Product Manager at GF Piping Systems in 1995. He then became Head of Operations and Finance in Australia, General Manager in Germany, and held various operational functions within GF Piping Systems. The successor of Andreas Müller as CFO of the Corporation will be chosen in the coming weeks.

Andreas Müller will be CEO of the Corporation as of 17 April 2019.
Andreas Müller will be CEO of the Corporation as of 17 April 2019.
( Source: GF Casting )

Andreas Koopmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GF states: "The Board of Directors of GF thanks Yves Serra for his extremely valuable work over the past years. Under his leadership, major strategic changes have been successfully implemented. With the appointment of Andreas Müller as CEO, we have found an ideal internal solution that will ensure continuity in the further development of our company. We are convinced that under his operational leadership, GF will continue on its successful path in a dynamic and efficient way."

GF Casting recently hit the headlines and split from two European automotive iron foundries.

Further Changes at Georg Fischer Corporation

Gerold Bührer (70), who has been a member of the Board since 2001 and Vice Chairman since 2012, is reaching the age limit and will retire from the Board of Directors of Georg Fischer Ltd. at the next Annual Shareholders' Meeting on 17 April 2019. "Gerold Bührer, with his broad entrepreneurial, political and strategic skills, is a very valuable member of our Board. We would like to thank him very much for his work", said Andreas Koopmann, Chairman of the Board of GF.

The Board of Directors of GF will propose to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting of 17 April the election of Yves Serra. Yves Serra, a Swiss citizen, has been President and CEO of GF since 2008. During these years, the Corporation has successfully focused on growth markets and high-value products under his operational leadership. His in-depth knowledge of all aspects of GF, his many years of experience in Asia and his strategic thinking will help the Board of Directors to master future challenges. Yves Serra has reached retirement age at 65 and will be proposed for election to the GF Board of Directors.

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