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Service Extension Application of Thread Locking Devices

Editor: Nicole Kareta

The BENSELER group of companies is expanding its service for screws, nuts, flanges & Co.: With the new subsidiary BENSELER BETEO GmbH & Co. KG, the surface specialists now also offer their customers thread locking systems.

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Thread pairs are secured against loosening by gluing, against losing by clamping or by sealing.
Thread pairs are secured against loosening by gluing, against losing by clamping or by sealing.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pixabay )

"Our past service was supplemented approximately around the zinc lamella by a further important component , explains Kerstin Genz, chief selling of the BENSELER surface technique GmbH & CO. KG in Markgröningen. "BENSELER BETEO's many years of know-how in the application of thread locking devices and the processes and products used there complement our wide range of services in the field of zinc flake coatings for bulk and frame goods technology and is a further step in the supply chain for our customers following surface treatment".

Thread locking systems are partially applied to the threads as pre-coatings with adhesive, clamping or sealing functions. The aim is to secure a pair of threads against loosening by means of bonding (micro-encapsulation), loss by clamping or sealing. Various product variants can be used for coating in accordance with specific requirements. Some of the pourable and storable coatings are only activated during bolting and thus achieve reliable securing of the thread pairing. "Whether clamping, adhesive or sealing safety devices: No matter what conditions and specifications exist - most customer requirements are feasible," explains Kerstin Genz.

Coverage of the Entire Value Chain

With this expansion, the BENSELER Group's service for threaded parts is complete along the entire value chain after leaving the manufacturing plant - from the receipt of the raw material to the precise delivery to further processing or final assembly on the assembly line. In addition to coating the bulk and rack goods with various zinc flake systems for corrosion protection and friction coefficient control, this also includes the subsequent 100% inspection of the parts. This applies not only to screws in the M4 to M10 range with lengths of up to 60 mm, but also to other threaded parts such as nuts. Test factors can include head and shank diameters, screw length and pitch or damage in the case of threads. If required, the entire disposition and logistics costs can also be covered. "We assemble the packaging into the packaging material of the end customer with an exact number of pieces, label it with the desired label and deliver it to the respective factory or warehouse with the accompanying documents of our customer, tailored precisely to the respective OEM", says Sales Manager Genz.

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