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Webinar Playout: SLM

Expert Talk

Artificial Intelligence - Game Changer for Foundries?!

Expert Talk

Artificial Intelligence - Game Changer for Foundries?!


International experts will give insights into current status of artificial intelligence (AI) for foundries. With four international experts, young start-up expertise meets experienced industry players. Register for free to watch the expert talk!

The experts talk about:
  • Data is at the heart of the Industry 4.0 revolution: What solutions are already available for foundries and where are they being used? 
  • The benefits that are repeatedly mentioned in the context of AI in foundries are the reduction of scrap, conservation of resources and increased yields. What are the barriers and what homework do foundries perhaps have to do in advance?
  • Is it possible to develop new business models or reach new markets by using AI?
  • Digital solutions are supposed to eliminate "human errors" and perhaps even counteract the shortage of skilled workers: But isn't it precisely smart people who need to be able to operate the systems and understand the big picture who are needed?
  • Which invests, standards and changes in sales management and statutory conditions have to be realized?
  • What will foundries look like in 10 years? What else will AI make possible in the future?

Speaker in the expert panel:

Dr Michael Grant, Chief Technology Officer, DataProphet

Damian Heimel, Chief Operating Officer, Deevio GmbH

Dr Tim Nikolaou, Chief Operating Officer, Oskar Frech Group

Dr Dennis Janitza, Senior Vice President, Norican Digital Lab


Franz-Josef Wöstmann, Head of Department for Technology Forecast and Exploration, Fraunhofer IFAM

We appreciate your interest in this expert talk!
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