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Dr.-Ing. Götz Hartmann ♥ SPOTLIGHTMETAL

Dr.-Ing. Götz Hartmann

Executive Manager

Since 1998 Dr. Hartmann is Executive Manager of MAGMA GmbH in Aachen, Germany, with particular responsibilities for Strategic Business Development.
Dr. Hartmann studied Metallurgy and Polymer Technology at the RWTH in Aachen. He received his PhD for a Powder Metallurgy Thesis in 1989.
For more than 30 years Dr. Hartmann is engaged in the Simulation of Casting, Injection Molding, and Powder Metallurgy. In his professional career he was President of MAGMA Inc. in Chicago, General Manager of Simulation Sciences GmbH in Mannheim and for 10 years Managing Director of SIGMA Engineering GmbH.

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