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Jeffrey Antonic


Jeffrey Antonic is the Managing Director/CEO of STRATECASTS, a global firm that advises major Investors,tier 1 &; 2 automotive clients,foundries/forges,automotive parts suppliers,engine manufacturers with the strategic,research and new technology. The company was founded in 1981 by Mr. Ken Kirgin. Mr. Antonic has over 42 years of international plant operations ,foundry/forge and machining experience. His expertise lies in analysis and technical process, metallurgical development,marketing , quality product studies; and foundry and machine design. New metallurgical engineering and process is a key deliverable. He has handled numerous foundry management and military projects, financial analysis projects, and direct product line or hard asset placement. Prior to this, he was the Director of Industrial Engine and Foundry Group at Daimler-Chrysler Corporation. He was responsible for the domestic operations in the areas of foundry, corporate policy and procedures, group productivity, studies and proposals, project management, multi-disciplinary team management, competitive analysis, negotiations and overview of strategic metal casting operation and procedures. He based in Asia for 7 years. Formerly,he was the Foundry Plant Manager at Brunswick Corporation,Mercury Marine and the Foundry Superintendent at Allis Chalmers - Siemens and Motor Castings Company. Mr. Antonic holds a Bachelors' of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and has completed management programs from the University of Wisconsin and the Harvard University School of Business. His firm generates detailed real-time web driven multi-platform dashboard analytics. He is DOD certified and hold high level security clearance. Stratecasts also provides metalcasting market forecasts since 1986.