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Johannes Messer

Johannes Messer-Consulting GmbH

1988-1999 Various management positions at Honsel AG
1999-2009 Member of Executive Board of Honsel AG (Light metal foundry, sand- permanent mold- and die casting, approx. 1 billion € annual sales, 12 locations Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France and Germany
2010-2014 Consultant
2014-2017 CEO of pressmetall GDC group GmbH
From 2018 Consultant with focus on:
- Strategy development
- Management consulting, Interim management
- Networking (Aluminum casting industry)
- Company analysis

Articles of the author

Industry experts agree that the classic crisis levers of the past will not be sufficient for the challenges ahead this time.
Automotive Industry

Estimates of German Al Castings Demand from 2020 to 2025

While many uncertain forecasts have been made in recent weeks and months about the current development of the automotive industry, there is hardly any talk about the future demand for aluminum castings. In order to give the Al foundries an orientation for answering the upcoming strategic questions, an Al castings demand forecast 2020-2025 for Germany has been made.

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The necessity of a corporate strategy is still questioned in many companies.
Corona Crisis

Foundries - Corporate Strategy as Key to Success

Due to the transformation in the automotive industry, the current industrial environment and the economic effects of the corona crisis, key elements of the corporate strategy have changed. The starting position, the market, internal and external drivers and success factors must be reassessed.

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Derivative KPI's are of utmost importance as early warning systems and have at least temporarily displaced other key figures.
Corona Crisis - Germany

CIP as EBITDA - Leverage in the Foundry

Experts agree that the world will look different after corona. With regard to the sales figures of the automotive industry, expectations for 2020 as well as for the following years fluctuate strongly. This also applies, as a result of the high level of dependency, to the production figures of German foundries.

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Partnerships between foundries and mold makers are - under consideration of technological and economic goals - an ideal constellation.
Foundries and Mold Making

Corona Crisis Requires Partnerships

The long-standing development of entering into partnerships has gained additional momentum as a result of the transformation in the automotive industry. With a view to the corona crisis, more intensive cooperation or the establishment of partnerships is also required in the foundry industry.

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What are the challenges facing the aluminum foundry industry in these stormy times?
Economic Situation

Transformation of the Foundry Industry

The foundry industry is undergoing an enormous transformation. A strongly volatile economic situation and increasing insolvencies are a major source of uncertainty for the industry. But what challenges will foundries face when and with what solutions can foundries prepare themselves?

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