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1988-1999 Various management positions at Honsel AG
1999-2009 Member of Executive Board of Honsel AG (Light metal foundry, sand- permanent mold- and die casting, approx. 1 billion € annual sales, 12 locations Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France and Germany
2010-2014 Consultant
2014-2017 CEO of pressmetall GDC group GmbH
From 2018 Consultant with focus on:
- Strategy development
- Management consulting, Interim management
- Networking (Aluminum casting industry)
- Company analysis

Articles of the author

KS Huayu AluTech GmbH is producing its first all-aluminum four-cylinder diesel engine for a widely used passenger car diesel engine series.

Low-Friction Crankcase for Clean Diesels

KS Huayu AluTech GmbH is producing its first all-aluminum four-cylinder diesel engine for a widely used passenger car diesel engine series from a major German automobile manufacturer. This is the transverse version of the engine series that is now in volume production.

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The 5 challenges for die casting include technological transition, workforce, changing customer requirements, resources and world trade.
Die Casting

Five Challenges for the Die Casting Sector

Thanks to their inexpensive and efficient processes, companies offering die cast products are in a good position to gain new market share in the coming years. However, the journey is not an easy one - there are five challenges for companies to overcome.

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With an artificial skullcap made of titanium it was possible to save the life of a seriously injured motorcyclist.
Businesses & Markets

Investment Casting Saves Lives

The German company Vacucast, a business of Link Holding GmbH, casts implants that are used for joint replacement in operating theaters worldwide. Managing Director Tonguc Sahin guides a group of doctors through his investment foundry and shows them the manufacturing process of these sophisticated products - which can sometimes even save lives.

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In order to remain competitive, the planned reorientation requires not only cost reductions but also an effective forward strategy.
Market Changes

Machine Factory Undergoes Realignment

At an information conference held on February 11th, the employees of Kurtz GmbH were informed by Managing Director Uwe Rothaug about the future reorientation of the company. Due to serious changes in the traditional areas of "foam machines" and "foundry machines", the group management has decided to realign the company.

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All casting machines and x-ray inspection machines, as well as proprietary linear robotics and machine vision systems integrated into this semisolid die casting process, will ensure the fast production of good parts, and maintain stable automatic closed loop process control.
Magnesium Semisolid Casting

Part 5 - Fully Automated Self-Learning Digital Casting Factory

After 40 years of experience and applied research, the die casting industry is ready for a fully automated digital 21st century casting factory, using fully automated data feedback from the x-ray machine. The unified and patented process control, together with semisolid casting machine and fully automated real-time inline x-ray inspection machine results in high integrity parts with minimal casting defects

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The consequences of the coronavirus on the light metal industry are not yet fully foreseeable.
Current Developments

Coronavirus Impacts Metal Industry

Canceled events and closed foundries - the metal industry is not spared the rising coronavirus infections in China. Due to the cancellation of an international trade fair, the infectious disease also has a global impact. Read here about the current developments.

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The new semisolid casting machine can also process any specialty alloys with the preferred globular chips.
Magnesium Semisolid Casting

Part 4 - New Casting Machine Replaces Complete Casting Line

The four semisolid metal casting processes thixomolding, thixocasting, rheocasting and stress induced melt activation, as well as the cold chamber die casting, hot chamber die casting and other processes such as vacuum die casting, did not fulfill end user expectations for quality, simplicity, energy savings, people safety, economy and environmental cleanliness. This is where we step in to develop a new semisolid casting machine.

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Rheinmetall Automotive AG opens up the mobile communications industry.
5G Network

Automotive Supplier Serves Mobile Communications Market

Rheinmetall Automotive AG, an automotive-industry supplier belonging to the Rheinmetall Group, is expanding its activities to include new product categories. Through its Chinese joint venture HASCO KSPG Nonferrous Components Co., Ltd. (KPSNC), the company has recently been awarded a contract to manufacture aluminum housings for the 5G network.

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Battery housings play a central role in the electrification of vehicles.

Solutions for EV Battery Housing at EUROGUSS 2020

Battery housings play a central role in the electrification of vehicles. In addition to the classic aluminum cast solution for a battery housing, Nemak also offers assembly solutions that require know-how in the field of joining techniques. At EUROGUSS 2020, Nemak highlighted typical problem areas in BEV battery housings and demonstrated approaches to delivering tailor-made solutions.

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In the case of optical devices that are used in the immediate vicinity of the human eye, weight, balance and haptics are particularly important.

Zinc Die Casting in Medical and Hospital Technology

When it comes to human health, no compromises are allowed. In many cases, zinc die casting - either built into the interior of medical precision instruments or provided with a galvanic surface - ensures that the doctor can concentrate fully on his patient. Examples of applications include defibrillators and blood pressure monitors.

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Semisolid metal forming combines the advantages of casting and forging.
Magnesium Semisolid Casting

Part 3 - Semisolid Metal Casting Processes

The cold chamber die casting, hot chamber die casting and other processes such as vacuum die casting described in Part 2 cannot solve the safety and environmental problems in the die casting industry. Read about semi-solid metal forming in this section - a near-net shape variant with excellent part integrity.

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Three companies, one celebration - at the EUROGUSS 2020 Krug Gruppe Formenbau Krug GmbH, Aulbach Entratungstechnik GmbH and Aulbach Automation GmbH abk Pressenbau celebrated their company anniversary.

3-Fold Company Anniversary at EUROGUSS 2020

At EUROGUSS 2020 in Nuremberg, numerous companies presented innovative technologies and products all around the die casting industry. Also Aulbach Automation GmbH abk Pressenbau presented a novelty and took the trade fair as an occasion for an anniversary event as well.

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From the individual process steps to the use of materials and quality control, the reference book provides a precise overview of lost foam casting.
Casting Methods

Reference Book: Lost Foam Inside

The lost foam technique offers numerous advantages in the production of castings. The book "Lost Foam Inside", published by Lost Foam Council e. V. (LFC), provides users and newcomers with practical experience and in-depth insights into the process.

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The survey results show that Industry 4.0 is becoming increasingly important for companies in Northern Bavaria.

Northern Bavarian Companies Meet Industry 4.0

Northern Bavarian manufacturing companies have made significant progress in the Industry 4.0 area. This is the result of the study "Industry 4.0 in Northern Bavaria - Maturity Measurement 2019", which IW Consult has carried out on behalf of the Northern Bavarian Chambers of Industry and Commerce as in 2016.

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With 113 exhibitors more than in 2018 and numerous enthusiastic visitors, EUROGUSS 2020 was a great success.
EUROGUSS 2020 News

Fantastic Atmosphere at EUROGUSS 2020

Four packed halls, enthusiastic visitors and satisfied exhibitors – this was EUROGUSS 2020. A total of 754 exhibitors from 36 countries showcased the latest trends in technology, innovative processes and new products for the entire die casting supply chain to around 15,000 trade visitors. The 20th International German Die Casting Congress was also very well attended.

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