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Johnny Impreg Johnny Halladay ♥ SPOTLIGHTMETAL

Johnny Impreg Johnny Halladay

"Johnny Impreg"
Godfrey & Wing Inc.

I have put a new spin on an old school industry. With 25+ years in various aspects of metal finishing, I have developed a strong network of like-minded professionals in the powertrain and structural aluminum industry, focusing on helping manufacturers envision and implement new and better ways to make cool things. From vacuum impregnation to x-ray--if you make castings, I can help you make them better, and ship more of them. Be prepared to have some fun along the way--this isn't your father's vacuum impregnation. :-) I also have over 25 years of experience with Thermal Deburring and Electro-Chemical Deburring on castings and precision machined parts. Please connect on linkedin.com/in/halladay

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