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Mark Ma

MOULDAST(Shanghai) Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd

Mark Ma (Hongwei Ma , Born 13 November 1982-) is a Chinese entrepreneur, born in Xiayi, Henan province, and graduated from Ningbo Institute of Engineering. Founder of MOULDAST, which has developed the world-leading SaaS of molding and the new trends of manufacturing & Internet.
Management & Operation executive with broad experience in all aspects of operation, production and engineering. Extensive background in building leading teams and companies. Creative leadership style, combined with finely honed analytical and problem resolutions skills, to execute actions that drive bottom-line objectives. Innovative, technical, and open-minded team player with capacity to initiate positive change. Extensive experience in contract and other negotiations, vast experience in strategic and tactical planning with launching new businesses and existing ones in areas like Marketing, finance and operations.
Specialties: Management, operation, marketing, leadership & company turn-over
Motto: Casting high-quality goods, dedicated to the society, benefit employees. 

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