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 Philipp Hettich ♥ SPOTLIGHTMETAL

Philipp Hettich

Head of Sales & Consulting
Laubinger + Rickmann GmbH & Co. KG | LR Q-Systems Inc.

Fascinated by people, aluminum, technology and efficiency.

From four years on, I kept annoying my fellows in kindergarden about how differentials in a car work and what is the effect. In order to get them interested in the topic I loved, I had to work hard on my communication skills. This combination led me to engineering service companies, where I could work with technology as well as try to support and excite people. Dealing with many different technological topics, my talent to grasp the key facts, to break down complexity, developed. Together with leading several teams came also the need for commercial success - one reason for my Executive MBA in Accounting and Controlling.

Entering the world of non-destructive testing (NDT) at a testing service company, focussing on aluminum parts I discovered my fascination for this material and its production - and the perfect chance to combine all of the above, together with fascinating testing technologies like PT (or "fluorescent penetrant inspection", so simple yet so tricky), RT S (digital radioscopy) and CT. And while heat treatment is the perfect way to prepare solid casted chassis parts for PT, the effect for structural components was not so ideal when it comes to tolerances. So there we go, the latest topic that caught my curiosity and fascinated me since that day: automated straightening of aluminum parts.

So my focus here is to provide expertise about
1. 3D straightening of castings like structural parts, battery plates or tailgates but also extruded profiles, and/or
2. NDT (mainly PT / FPI) for aluminum parts in high series production (member of the German standardization committee "DIN NA 062-08-25 AA" and technical committees of the german society for NDT "DGZfP")