Ralf Versmold

Managing Director
Godfrey & Wing

Since 2011, Ralf Versmold has been the Managing Director for Godfrey & Wing GmbH, and is based in Reken, Germany. As the Managing Director, Ralf is responsible for technical support and business development throughout Europe. Ralf has over 15 years’ experience in the vacuum impregnation industry-ranging from equipment and sealant sales to operations management.

Godfrey & Wing manufactures and supplies vacuum impregnation products, equipment and services to seal porous materials. Godfrey & Wing systems are engineered to maximize productivity, economize sealant usage, and conserve resources for automotive and OEM companies around the world. The company is headquartered in the USA with locations worldwide.

Articles of the author

The foundry industry is in a transition phase to adapt to new trends and products.
Case Study

How Portable Equipment Solved Production Capacity Issues

The casting industry is in a transitional period adjusting to new trends and products. Manufacturers require flexibility in their equipment to account for shorter program life cycles while still being able to be competitive. In many instances this requires assets to be spread across multiple programs.

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Metal casting porosity can affect the part’s structural integrity, creating a failure point.

What Size of Porosity Can Vacuum Impregnation Seal?

The goal of a foundry is to produce high quality die castings that meet or exceed the customer’s specifications at a competitive cost. In some cases, those specifications call out maximum defect size and/or require that the part must hold pressurized fluid or gasses.

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The redesign of vacuum impregnation equipment has improved quality and production.

Vacuum Impregnation Enables Lightweight Material Use

Recent decades have seen a surge in use of aluminum castings in car manufacturing. Aluminum has been a key material in car manufacturing since the beginning. Vacuum impregnation enables using lightweight material in the automotive sector by now.

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