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Redakteurin für Additive Fertigung und Werkstoffe
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Arbeitet als Redakteurin für Additive Fertigung und Werkstoffe.

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In some additive manufacturing processes, powder removal is an indispensable post-processing step and often involves a lot of manual work.

This Happens After 3D Printing

Post-processing is often forgotten when purchasing a machine for additive manufacturing. But it is an important process and by no means negligible. It is carried out in several steps, manually or semi-automatically.

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The biggest challenge in the pilot process chain for the Next-Gen-AM project of Daimler, Premium Aerotec, and EOS is communication.

The Next-Gen-AM Project and its Challenges

In the north of Germany, EOS, Daimler, and Premium Aerotec are developing a production line for additive manufacturing. Our affiliate portal MM Maschinenmarkt asked Thomas Bielefeld, Head of Additive Manufacturing at PAG, which challenges the three companies are facing in this project.

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Renishaw uses the SLM powder bed process. It is the most common procedure
3D Metal Printing

Methods of 3D Metal Printing

People interested in 3D printing are confronted with a seemingly infinite number of 3-letter terms. Our editor tried to provide an overview of current additive metal printing processes and found out that in fact there are not that many.

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The Industrial Internet of Things

With Retrofitting to IIoT

Very few companies are able to build a perfect production hall on the greenfield and follow the rules of IIoT to the letter. Automation and software companies have also become aware of this issue and respond to it by offering products for upgrading, retrofitting and retooling.

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