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Machines from Germany are less in demand than in the previous year. The weaker sectors include machine tools.

Order Intake in Mechanical Engineering Continues to Decline

The German mechanical engineering industry continues its downward trend: In May 2019, incoming orders fell again by 7% in real terms, the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.) reported in Frankfurt am Main. The association’s outlook for the entire year 2019 is pessimistic.

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India's machine tool industry has grown by 23% in the fiscal year 2016/17 and is expected to grow even more.
Export Markets

Machine Tool Manufacturing Market in India Grows At Fantastic Rates

The Indian machine tool industry has positioned itself on the world market. The current market size for 2016/2017 is estimated at around $ 1.78 billion, of which domestic production accounts for around 47 % of total consumption. The industry recorded a growth of 23 % in the fiscal year 2016/2017, the Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers (IMTMA) reports.

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Machnig mentioned “a milestone” which has the potential of bringing peace in the future on the competition issue so that Industry 4.0 may play a leading international role on questions of standardization.
Industrial Internet Consortium

USA: Industry 4.0 the American Way

The Industry 4.0 platform or the Industrial Internet Consortium? RAMI or IIRA? Observe the standards meticulously or just do it? In the matter of procedures to be followed for manufacturing in the future and the Internet of Things, the differences between Germany and the USA may not be unbridgeable, but they are definitely conspicuous.

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Magnesium is the most underrated lightweight metal.
Magnesium as a Lightweight Metal

Lightweight Cluster Trusts in Magnesium

The latest cluster meeting at the Landshut University of Applied Sciences, hosted by the Automotive Cluster, the New Materials Cluster and the University's Lightweight Cluster, focused entirely on magnesium as a lightweight metal. The speakers showed the lightweight construction potential of magnesium castings and sheet-metal parts.

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In its test centre, Agtos has studied aluminium in greater detail and even developed machines specially designed for this purpose.
Shot Blasting

Blast Machines Ready for Aluminium

There are two aspects that contribute to the increasing significance of aluminium for manufacturers of blast machines: For once, workpieces are more frequently made of aluminium and secondly, aluminium is also popular as a blast abrasive.

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