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Investment Casting Awarded Cost-Saving Defense Castings

Editor: Isabell Page

As part of a contract for an aerospace company, Barron Industries has succeeded in producing an investment casting for an advanced military control system and reducing its costs by 75 %. The investment caster won the Investment Casting Institute's 2020 Military Award for this casting solution.

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Barron Industries receives industry award for cost-saving defense castings.
Barron Industries receives industry award for cost-saving defense castings.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pexels )

The award will be presented at the Institute's Technical Conference and Expo 2020. The award is intended to recognize foundries that produce parts and components that best illustrate and promote the advantages and flexibility of the investment casting process. This year, Barron Industries was one of them: the company was able to transform a four-piece manufactured component into a one-piece investment casting, increasing quality, strength and design flexibility. In addition, 3D printing is used to create the models for the aluminum structure's housing, significantly reducing production time.

“The former method of manufacture was time-consuming and costly,” said company president and CEO Bruce Barron. “Barron Industries is producing this as a single piece casting at 25 % of the original cost of production enabling significant cost savings. Additionally, the investment casting process has provided the customer with a great deal of design flexibility not previously available.”

Originally fabricated from four machined segments, Barron Industries is investment casting this component in A356-T6 a lot from SLA quick cast prototype patterns. Post cast operations include 5-axis machining, radiographic and penetrant inspection to AMS 2175 Grade B, and pressure leak testing.

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