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Case Study Base Plate Manufactured by Zinc Die Casting Process

Editor: Isabell Page

Protocast demonstrates a casted base plate manufactured in a zinc die casting process with excellent material properties and finished with mechanical precision machining.

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Zinc die casting is a popular process in the automotive industry, e.g. zinc die casted shark fins can be found on VW's T5 model.
Zinc die casting is a popular process in the automotive industry, e.g. zinc die casted shark fins can be found on VW's T5 model.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Unsplash)

The base plate is a die cast part designed for automotive applications. It stabilizes the antenna in the form of a shark fin on an automobile. Car antennas have undergone rapid development in recent years.

The classic rod antenna was used for radio reception in cars. If you wanted it to be a little more exclusive, you could also use the automatic version. When the radio was switched on, the antenna of the exclusive version was automatically extended.

Nowadays a shorter design is possible due to modern reception technology. One possibility to pack the antenna are the so-called shark fins. There are also antennas, which can be placed completely invisible, but the elevations in the form of shark fins are welcome for design reasons. In addition to the usual functionality for radio reception, the small receivers also offer the possibility for mobile radio and navigation. Shark fins can be found on VW's T5 model.

Material Properties

In zinc die casting, the liquid zinc alloy is pressed into a die casting mould. This is done under high pressure and high speed. Protocast with its precise zinc die casting offers special material properties which benefit the base plate:

  • Resilience and hardness
  • dimensional accuracy
  • repeatability
  • corrosion resistance
  • Low raw material costs

The modern die casting contributes to the fact that zinc can be used in so many different ways. Zinc die casting is a popular process in the automotive industry because of its high stability and the ability to produce large quantities.

Mechanical Processing

Although Protocast already casts its zinc die cast parts and also the base plate with high accuracy using the zinc die casting process, it is sometimes necessary to rework the parts mechanically. This is the case, for example, when small holes or very high tolerances have to be added.

Mechanical processing thus offers what gives the component the necessary finishing touch. Mechanical processing ensures that the planned casting exactly meets the set requirements. The result is a component that is characterized by high precision.

Quality Management

Protocast attaches great importance to quality management. This is manifested by the combination of high-quality machines and the appropriate know-how of its employees. In addition to zinc die casting, Protocast also offers know-how with other alloys such as aluminum and magnesium die casting.

This article is based on a release by Protocast.

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