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Strack Norma/ Fakuma Boosting Efficiency in Injection Moulding and Die Casting Tools

Editor: Daniel Richter

Strack Norma will present innovations in the field of injection moulding and die casting to increase efficiency.

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Some new innovations for die casting tools are presented by Strack Norma.
Some new innovations for die casting tools are presented by Strack Norma.
(Source: Pixabay / CC0 )

Among Strack Norma's exhibits at Fakuma are its temperature control filter Z7700, which provides smooth production processes and long maintenance intervals, digital counter Z5265, flowmeter Z7703 that improves flow regulation and deflection element Z7741, which connects cooling channels safely and variably.

The Z7700 is an oil and water filter developed for small cooling bores and core coolings. Made of stainless steel, its fine filter insert counteracts contaminations that also causes flow reduction, making it ideal for applications with laser-sintered mould inserts and thin cooling water bores, the leading standard parts supplier says. The filter’s cylindrical design provides more room for filtered contaminations and thus enables longer maintenance intervals as well. Z7700 can be easily integrated into cooling circuits with the use a plug nipple (Z7712) on one side and a coupling (Z7709) on the other.


The Z5265 is a digital counter that is suited for high-frequency punching applications and high-speed injection moulds, which makes it an ideal companion in mechanical engineering and automation technology in general. While mechanical counters count up to ten million strokes, Z5265 enables up to 100 million counts thanks to its eight-digit display, meaning the user can detect and monitor high stroke frequencies of up to 1,000 strokes per minute.

Strack says its Z7703 flowmeter is an all-rounder, which can be used to control, regulate and shut-off the flow in individual cooling circuits of injection moulding tools directly at the tool with a visible scale. Z7703 is particularly suitable for controlling the flow in fine cooling circuits, such as laser-sintered mould inserts or cooling bores with small diameters. Ideally, it should be used in combination with the temperature control filter Z7700.

At the plastics processing trade fair, Strack Norma will be in Hall A2, Booth 2302.

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