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Personnel Changes Change in Company Management of Rheinfelden Alloys

Editor: Alexander Stark

Stuart Wiesner has taken over as head of Rheinfelden Alloys after his predecessor left the company at his own request.

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Stuart Wiesner has assumed the management of Rheinfelden Alloys, a subsidiary of Aluminium Rheinfelden GmbH.
Stuart Wiesner has assumed the management of Rheinfelden Alloys, a subsidiary of Aluminium Rheinfelden GmbH.
(Source: Aluminium Rheinfelden)

Change in the management of Rheinfelden Alloys: Stuart Wiesner is the company’s new managing director; his predecessor Hilmer Kirschner has left the company at his own request. Rheinfelden Alloys belongs to the parent company Aluminium Rheinfelden. Erika Zender, CEO Aluminium Rheinfelden, commenting on the change in management: “I am very pleased that with Dr. Wiesner we can optimally fill this position. This is an important step in the realignment of our company.”

“I am fascinated by the task of advancing the range of applications and the internationalization of our company on the basis of existing technologies”, said Wiesner. The potential of the raw material and its alloys is far from exhausted. At the same time, the transformation to electromobility and current economic developments presented the aluminum industry with new challenges. “We develop solutions in close cooperation with our customers and partners,” explains Wiesner.

Wiesner joined Aluminium Rheinfelden at the end of 2014 and was responsible for Product and Business Development at Rheinfelden Alloys. In this role, he expanded the range of new aluminum alloys. Wiesner studied general mechanical engineering in Darmstadt and Joining and Welding Technology in Braunschweig. There he obtained his doctorate on the subject of “Economical production of weldable aluminum die casting”.

This article was first published by konstruktionspraxis.

Original by Katharina Juschkat / Translation by Alexander Stark

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