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Product News Chem-Trend Water-Based Release Agents for Die Casting

From Johanna Erbacher

For more than 50 years, Chem-Trend has been setting standards for water-based release agents for the die casting industry. Users also benefit from considerable advantages when using the Chem-Trend® SL-60000 series of die lubricants, which are highly effective solutions enabling efficient post-casting cleaning and are suitable for use in heat treatment applications. In addition, the products increase downstream processing capability. At EUROGUSS, the Chem-Trend stand in Hall 7A/7A-110 will showcase the latest developments in die and plunger lubricant technology.

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Chem-Trend® SL-6000 series
Chem-Trend® SL-6000 series
(Source: Chem-Trend)

The Chem-Trend® SL-60000 series release agent range has set a benchmark in the industry offering a number of advantages. The technology holds a proven track record for building an appropriate release film over a wide temperature range on the mold surface – even at high temperatures. Additionally, any release agent residues on the component surfaces are easily removed, positively contributing to the simplification of post-casting processes such as painting and cathodic dip coating, while producing no effect on sealing or structural bonding applications. As another point of value, the die-cast components manufactured with Chem-Trend® SL-60000 series are able to be welded without any complex pre-treatment and allow for simple downstream processing to occur, further supporting operational productivity improvements.

The Advantages of the Chem-Trend® SL-60000 Release Range at a Glance

  • Efficient adhesion of the release film on the casting tool surface over a wide temperature range
  • Reduced time for the formation of the optimum release film
  • Improved protection against solder/metallization in the casting tool
  • Protection of casting tools and casting machines against corrosion
  • Suitable for die-cast parts with very tight dimensional tolerances
  • Excellent release performance on highly complex castings
  • Low micro-porosity

From June 8 to 10, 2022, operators within the die casting industry will be able to find out more about the Chem-Trend® SL-60000 release agent series in Hall 7A/7A-110 at the EUROGUSS trade fair in Nuremberg.


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