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CNC Internet Database Connecting CNC Manufacturers and Buyers

Editor: Janina Seit

The platform and database orderfox.com connects CNC manufacturers and buyers. By reporting and analyzing the market situation, this platform makes safe investment decisions easy.

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CNC manufacturers benefit from fast and detailed information about tenders.
CNC manufacturers benefit from fast and detailed information about tenders.
(Source: Orderfox)

The Industrial Internet of Things can only be realized by means of comprehensive networking. This applies not only to internal workflows, machines and processes, but also to the professional contacts between buyers and sellers. Thanks to more contacts, a large network offers more promising business potential. Additionally, valuable know-how can grow in a network. Companies profit from networks because they can use them quickly and flexibly and exchange information. For instance, buyers can quickly find specialized CNC manufacturers — from large manufacturers to suppliers of highly specialized products. In this way, they can place their orders more flexibly and profit from the know-how of the respective manufacturing companies.


Orderfox: Database and Information Platform

The Internet database orderfox.com is offering these benefits. It has been specially designed for CNC manufacturers. As a universal source of information, it provides not only a direct connection between buyers and sellers, but also offers comprehensive data on market trends, ensuring that manufacturing companies can make strategic decisions more quickly and on a reliable basis, e.g. in the case of major investments.

The focus of this tool is on ensuring optimum machine utilization. If CNC manufacturers have excess capacities, they can quickly and easily find additional CNC jobs that are perfectly tailored to their company profile. On the other hand, orders can be outsourced to suitable partners, if capacities are not sufficient or in case of a machine breakdown.

Detailed Filter Options for CNC Jobs

Various filter functions make the search for CNC jobs very efficient. CNC-manufacturers only receive orders that fit their company profile and users can specify their job search according to their location. The data describing the job can be defined very quickly and easily by means of multiple-choice forms or via selection fields (e. g. materials, technologies, industries, qualifications). Customers can select the area of a bidding area and vary it according to the individual order. The data of preferred partners can also be filtered. As an option, the user can hide contact details and contact persons.

Selected orders can be managed easily, allowing the user to immediately see whether an offer has been sent, it is still outstanding, or it has been postponed. Detailed information on the client is provided in a company profile. If he is interested in an order, the CNC manufacturer can contact the client and the contact person directly. The Internet platform automatically generates reports referring to configured periods of time or selected user data. The user also receives relevant messages from the buyers and sellers via the Internet.

This article was first published by Schweizer MaschinenMarkt. Executive editor: Konrad Mücke.

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