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Webcast Series: From Expert to Expert Corona Crisis - Effects on Foundries in China, India and Mexico

Editor: Nicole Kareta

The current developments in the corona crisis leave many questions open, which the international foundry industry is facing. In this part of the webcast series, the effects of the crisis on China, India and Mexico will be discussed.

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The SPOTLIGHTMETAL webcast highlights the effects of the corona crisis on foundries in China, India and Mexico.
The SPOTLIGHTMETAL webcast highlights the effects of the corona crisis on foundries in China, India and Mexico.
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In our first part of the webcast series "From Expert to Expert", our specialists gave an insight into the situation in Germany and discussed the necessary aid measures to emerge from the crisis stronger than before. With our second webcast we would like to expand the focus to the international foundry industry and highlight the effects of the corona crisis in China, India and Mexico. According to our recent poll, maintaining a global supply chain is one of the biggest challenges facing international foundries (read all results of the survey in our white paper). What is the opinion of our experts on this topic? This is one of many questions that will be answered in the webcast.

Watch our webcast about the situation of German Foundries here:

Webcast: What is it About?

With the international foundry industry in focus, this part of the webcast first shows the status quo in the countries China, India and Mexico. In the next step, key factors are discussed, which have a decisive influence on the extent of the corona crisis in the respective country. Global or local supply chains? This much-discussed aspect is also taken up and evaluated against the background of the corona crisis. In addition to the aid measures that governments take for a country, the webcast focuses on the opportunities and risks as well as the resulting recommendations for action for the individual countries.

These Experts Take Part in the Discussion Round:

  • Stefan Fritsche, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at YIZUMI Precision Machinery
  • Norberto F. Vidaña, Commercial Director non ferrous at Grupo DEACERO
  • Kedar Vaidya, Head of Business (Advanced Materials) at Buhler India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Christopher Boss, Director and International Product Manager of EUROGUSS (moderator)

News: Corona Crisis and Supply Chains

Despite the consequences of the corona crisis, many companies are still able to keep up the supply chain and offer their services to the customers. See who is still delivering!

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