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Webcast Series: From Expert to Expert Corona Crisis - What German Foundries Can Do Now

Editor: Nicole Kareta

It is already well known that the corona crisis has hit foundries around the world hard. The challenge now is to provide assistance and make concrete recommendations for action. In this part of the webcast series, experts discuss possible measures for German foundries.

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In the webcast, experts highlight opportunities and risks for German foundries facing the corona crisis.
In the webcast, experts highlight opportunities and risks for German foundries facing the corona crisis.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pixabay )

The situation for German foundries is difficult: According to a survey by BDG, almost 40 % of the companies surveyed had already introduced short-time working or were planning to do so in the immediate future. In addition, concrete liquidity support, for example by loans, and the extension of the short-time working allowance to 24 months are called for. These developments clearly show the misery in which German foundries find themselves due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Watch our webcast about the situation of German Foundries here:

Webcast: What is it About?

In this part of the webcast series "From Expert to Expert", the situation of German foundries before the corona crisis is discussed first. In addition, the status quo with regard to crisis management in German foundries is outlined. The main question to be answered is how German foundries can minimize risks and take advantage of opportunities to successfully overcome the crisis. Besides these core issues, the webcast also highlights numerous other aspects. The discussion is held in German, the core statements of the speakers will be published here in English.

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These experts take part in the discussion round:

  • Max Schumacher, Managing Director of the Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry (BDG)
  • Dr. Fynn-Willem Lohe, Plant Officer at the Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry
  • Johannes Messer, Freelance Consultant
  • Christopher Boss, Director and International Product Manager of EUROGUSS (moderator)

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