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EUROGUSS 2020 Product News Cross-Location Monitoring Tool for Foundries

Editor: Nicole Kareta

New platform by Norican Digital enables overall monitoring of foundry-related data. It allows not only analysis of historical data but also real-time process data.

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Monitoring platform offers new possibilities.
Monitoring platform offers new possibilities.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Unsplash)

Monitizer is a new platform that provides real-time access to foundry data. Foundry data, which flows from different NoiriGates, can be viewed, managed and processed. This is done securely via an Internet browser without the need for a separate IT infrastructure.

The NoriGate thus serves as a cost-effective interface that can be installed on almost all machines and systems regardless of the manufacturer and makes data from up to 150 sensors per machine centrally available.

One advantage is that the Monitizer can also monitor process data across different locations. In addition to continuous monitoring, notifications can be triggered if limit values are exceeded or not reached. In this way, unscheduled downtimes or longer rejects can be avoided.

At the same time, the Monitizer also enables in-depth analysis of historical and real-time process data, providing a basis for digitally accelerated fault cause identification and all kinds of other digital tools under development.

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