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Labor Market Designers for 3D Printing in High Demand

Author / Editor: Katharina Juschkat / Janina Seit

3D printing creates new jobs: According to an analysis by Joblift, the number of job advertisements in the 3D printing sector has almost doubled last year. Designers and machine builders for mechanical and plant engineering are particularly sought-after.

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The Joblift job platform examined the development of the job market in the 3D printing sector and registered an immense demand.
The Joblift job platform examined the development of the job market in the 3D printing sector and registered an immense demand.
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A few years ago, additive production still was a niche sector. Thanks to new technical possibilities, 3D printing is now used in many areas. Since 2016, the industry has reported an average increase in turnover of 21 % per year. The Joblift job platform examined the development of the job market in the 3D printing sector and registered an immense demand. In the last two years, more than 6,000 jobs have been created, and in 2017 it grew by 88 % compared to the previous year. According to the job exchange platform, especially small companies profited from this increase. They posted more than twice as many vacancies in 2017 than in the previous year.

Vacancies in the 3D Printing Sector Almost Doubled

Currently, additive manufacturing is most widely used in mechanical and plant engineering. However, medical technology, the automotive industry, and aerospace technology could become major areas of application in the future: Job advertisements in these sectors more than tripled in 2017.

In the last 24 months, strong job growth in additive manufacturing has been observed. While 2,178 vacancies were posted in 2016, last year the number of vacancies amounted to 4,099, representing an increase of 88 %. The fact that the industry is growing this quickly is certainly due to the ever-faster printing technology and the increasing number of materials that can be used for printing.


Small Companies Offer More and More Jobs

In what areas is the industry growing the most? If you take a look at company sizes, about half of the jobs are created in corporations with more than 1,000 employees. 22 % of the job offerings come from small companies with less than 50 employees. However, job vacancies posted by small companies increased in the last year: In 2017 they grew by 120%, while the number of vacancies in companies with more than 1,000 employees "only" grew by 73 %.

The locations of the advertising companies hint at a decentralization of the industry: Munich, Hamburg and Berlin are heading the top ten cities, with Munich-based companies posting up to 15 % of all vacancies. However, three of the ten most important sites are located in cities with less than 8,000 inhabitants, while the other four locations count between 25,000 and 600,000 inhabitants. The two companies with the most vacancies in the 3D printing sector in 2017, EOS GmbH and DMG Mori AG, are located in Krailling and Bielefeld, for instance.

With 2,205 vacancies, the largest number of jobs have been created in mechanical and plant engineering, but according to Jobware, the automotive industry (1,403 jobs), dental and medical technology (1,343 jobs) and aerospace companies (1,289 positions) also posted more jobs. While the number of vacancies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector doubled in 2017, the medical technology and automotive industries posted more than three times more job ads as in the previous year. Companies in the aerospace industry even posted 251 % more jobs in additive manufacturing last year. In addition to designers and machine builders, who were sought in 1,136 job ads, there was particularly high demand for programmers with 710 vacancies. In addition, 581 of the offerings were addressed to sales and business development experts and 458 positions were created in research

This article was first published by konstruktionspraxis.

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