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Die-Casted Household Appliances from South America

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Stanley Black & Decker is now relying on a Bühler die casting solution in its brazilian plant. This new partnership, including Ecoline die casting cells and full support, is already boosting productivity and quality.

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The system determines the best prefilling profile at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for complicated shot curve optimization.
The system determines the best prefilling profile at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for complicated shot curve optimization.
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Stanley Black & Decker supplies the whole of the Latin American market with up to 4.5 million quality power tools and appliances from its plant in Uberaba, Brazil. Fernando Bortolozzo, the Industrial Manager for Stanley Black & Decker in Uberaba, explains that the brand is all about quality and this sets expectations about the technology partners they choose: "What we value most is the quality of our product. This partnership emerged from the need to upgrade our die casting sector. We chose Bühler because it is a renowned company that leads the market."

State-Of-The-Art Ecoline Technology

The die casting solution for Stanley Black & Decker is built around the Ecoline S, which offers locking forces from 3,400 to 8,400 kN with proven, dependable high-performance in 24/7 production. The tailored solution here includes a compact cell, which offers two-cavity molds, potentially doubling capacity from the single cavity mold machines previously being used. And it delivers this from a smaller footprint.

The Ecoline technology cuts operation time and improves repeatable quality too. The system determines the best prefilling profile at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for complicated shot curve optimization. Proportional technology meters the high power shot end during the second phase to overcome process variations and attain consistent results. The regenerative hydraulics used during the first phase reduce energy consumption. Mr. Bortolozzo says: “So far we have had great results in productivity, performance and energy saving.”

Local Support Stanley Black & Decker Can Rely On

Mr. Bortolozzo explains that whilst the best technological solution was critically important, knowing that there was support available locally, was a also a key element: “Stanley Black & Decker has a very strong presence in people’s lives. It is a brand that can be found in everyone's home, as well as in many people’s workplaces. So, if I do not have technical assistance, and adequate customer service, I can’t deliver a quality product to my end customer. What we looked for in Bühler, is a partner for technical assistance and training, that can provide us with the same quality service that we offer to our customers.”

Joaquim Borzani, as representative in Brazil, explains that the company’s global maintenance and support network is specifically set-up to support manufacturers like Stanley Black & Decker: “In the case of technical assistance, we can get a technician here within 24 hours and we can provide parts in 48 hours, from our stock in Joinville, so we can get the cell back into operation fast.” From Mr. Bortolozzo’s point of view, it’s the reassurance of expertise on tap that he appreciates: “I can give them a call and we will have spare parts, training, answers and troubleshooting, quickly and easily,” he says.

A Long-Term Partnership

For Stanley Black & Decker the Ecoline solution is just the start of an investment program, and Bühler is a core part of that strategy. “It’s more than a commercial relationship. We really need to build a trustful relationship, a partnership that lasts the entire product's lifetime. So we intend to maintain this partnership with Bühler, within the aluminum die casting sector, until the total renovation of our plant is complete.”

So far, Mr. Bortolozzo states that he is really impressed with the solutions as a whole: “We are very pleased with the brand, with the solution, with our choice and with the customer service we have experienced.”

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