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Net.Law.S 2019 Digital Transformation in Business

Editor: Isabell Page

The handling of data-oriented business processes is today a central building block for the success of companies. An open space discussion at this year's Net.Law.S focuses precisely on this topic. The German conference for the digitization of the economy takes place from 5th to 6th November 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany.

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This year's NetLawS Open Space Discussion focuses on the handling of data-oriented business processes.
This year's NetLawS Open Space Discussion focuses on the handling of data-oriented business processes.
(Source: NuernbergMesse / Frank Boxler)

Artificial intelligence is now ubiquitous, but is it also legally realizable and accepted by society? Such and other questions on the digitisation of the economy will be discussed at Net.Law.S 2019. The conference will take place on 5 and 6 November 2019 at the Design Offices in Nuremberg, Germany. In their speeches, renowned speakers will give important impulses on the main topics of digital ethics, legal challenges in both data and artificial intelligence as well as work in times of digital transformation, best practice and success factors. During discussion rounds in the Open Space, managers, developers, data scientists and digital evangelists will have the opportunity to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digitization with lawyers, corporate lawyers, sociologists, philosophers and experts from the fields of innovation and change management.

Open Space Discussion: Handling of Data-Oriented Business Processes in Companies

The interactive format, created by lecturers from industry, is intended to offer a cross-section from law to technology, from the idea to the practice, with the participation of the audience. A corresponding project is to be initiated for this, core topics will be among other things the data sovereignty, use and protection of data from a legal perspective as well as data-driven industrial projects in practice.

Daniel van Geerenstein, deputy head of the legal department / VDMA e.V., revealed to us as one of the speakers what expects the visitor at the Open Space Discussion to "Handling of data-oriented business processes in companies".

The discussion focuses on business processes based on data, starting with data collection, analysis and use. The speakers will illustrate the various stages of an IoT project using an example case. This is where participants will find themselves or their project and get involved in the discussion.

Especially for small and medium-sized industrial companies it is of great importance to align their processes data-oriented. Because: "If they don't, they won't be competitive in the long run. But "vulnerability" is indeed a dark side that must not be seen as prohibitive, but must play an (essential) partial role right from the start," says van Geerenstein. Apropos vulnerability, according to van Geerenstein, machine data are rarely at risk of misuse. However, the loss of know-how through "data theft" is particularly dangerous.

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Finally, Van Geerenstein gave 5 relevant tips that industrial companies should take into account when aligning their business processes with data-driven processes:

  • Legal course-setting: Think early how the processes are to be represented contractually!
  • Observe data protection: Examine carefully whether you really only deal with machine data, or whether there is not a personal connection at the end - observe data protection regulations!
  • Take data security seriously: Data security is central to protecting business models and know-how!
  • Think economically: What is the real added value of data-driven business models, both for the customer and the provider?
  • Work transparently: Create trust by communicating and ensuring all the above points clearly and transparently at all times!

More insights, questions and answers will be available on 5th and 6th November 2019 at this year's Net.Law.S. The complete program of the German event including all speakers can be found here: https://www.netlaws.de/de/events

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