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EMAG for Additive Manufacturing EMAG Acquires Share in Metal 3D Printing Pioneer

Editor: Isabell Page

The EMAG Group is expanding its product portfolio to include additive manufacturing with metal materials in order to promote joint sales.

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(Source: EMAG)

Additive manufacturing with metallic materials is now part of the EMAG Group’s portfolio: The global market leader for vertical pick-up turning centers and vendor of modular turnkey manufacturing solutions has acquired a minority share in the Berlin company GEFERTEC, which has driving the development of the new 3DMP® (3D Metal Print) industry standard since it was founded in 2015. Both companies share the goal of marketing this particularly effective 3D technology based on welding wire. Another focus of the strategic partnership is the development of new 3DMP® machines and applications.


The base material in the 3DMP® process is a fine wire. It is welded into a complete component layer by layer using an electrical arc to create any geometric shape. The overall process is significantly faster than with other 3D printing methods that are based on metal powder. In addition, the material cost is significantly lower, and the material is used completely. “The process is mature, reliable, and effective – these were the main criteria for our decision,” explains Markus Heßbrüggen, CEO of EMAG Group. “In addition, cooperation with GEFERTEC perfectly matches our strategy of providing solutions for complete processing of a wide variety of parts. Besides mass production, the production of very small series becomes a focus. This is exactly where the 3DMP® technology offers excellent opportunities.”

Driving the Marketing Worldwide

The time for cooperation is ideal: The first 3DMP® machines are already used in industrial applications. The next goal is to market the technology worldwide. GEFERTEC will also act as an independent company – with access to the worldwide sales and service resources of the EMAG Group, however. The wide application portfolio of EMAG is the ideal basis for sales, because the parts made by 3D printing are finished by machining. GEFERTEC and EMAG will be able to offer holistic solutions in this area. “The international footprint of our partner and its wide range of products is a ideal environment for our applications and technologies,” confirms Tobias Röhrich, one of the founders and the managing director of GEFERTEC.

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