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“Envision Your Future” at GF Solutions Days

| Editor: Briggette Jaya

At the recently held GF Solutions Days Europe 2018 in April at the company's Center of Competence in Schorndorf in Germany, guests were offered a comprehensive programme that comprised presentations and demonstrations, which apart from EDM also included tool technology and software technology.

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Over 600 guests from across Europe attended the GF Solutions Days Europe 2018 at the company's Center of Competence in Schorndorf, Germany.
Over 600 guests from across Europe attended the GF Solutions Days Europe 2018 at the company's Center of Competence in Schorndorf, Germany.
( Source: GF Machining Solutions )

GF Machining Solutions hosted the GF Solutions Days Europe 2018 to over 600 guests, who represented a vast range of industries, coming from 12 European countries. The three-day event themed, “Envision Your Future”, presented visitors solutions to complex business and manufacturing challenges as well as providing the guests the experience of future-ready solutions.


On an exhibition space of 1,300 m2, with over 20 machines and an automation cell, GF organised four different guided tours to address key business challenges; achieving optimal surface finishes; mastering complex parts with high accuracy; producing perfect moulds and automated manufacturing.

Each tour adopted a specific application to demonstrate the company's holistic integrated approach based on Industry 4.0 principles, GF said. Thus, visitors experienced first-hand how each GF division could overcome complex manufacturing challenges. Antonio Faccio, head of the company's Market Region Europe and South America, said the event was a unique opportunity to tune in to customers’ needs.

The event highlighted the company's wide-range portfolio in industrial segments and technology portfolio, including milling, EDM, additive manufacturing, automation and customer service solutions. The company says it provides manufacturers solutions to keep pace with future trends characterised by automated production and next-generation intelligent information systems.

Among the live demonstrations at the event was a highly-precise linear manufacturing cell integrating all production processes – fully digital, from CAD/CAM to the machining process and a 3D fitting of electrodes measured in 3D.

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