Reasons to visit EUROGUSS Mexico

Because you are interested in the latest developments in the world of die casting, its processes and machinery and want to establish new business contacts, you have an appointment with the entire industry at EUROGUSS Mexico, from May 04 to 06, 2021.

4 Reasons to attend EUROGUSS Mexico:

You will find solutions to update your die casting processes: aluminum, magnesium and zinc die casting, in addition to machinery, rapid prototypes, CNC machines, metal alloys, die casting molds, peripheral devices, process optimization, energy efficiency and 3D printing.

Suppliers from Asia, Europe, America, as well as nationals, brought together in one place, to offer you solutions for the entire die casting value chain: from raw materials, technology and processes, to finished products.

Exhibitors will offer components, equipment and services, products for post-treatment of foundries, separation agents and operating materials needed in the manufacturing process, quality control facilities, control systems, drive technology and the wide field. of the software.

You will be able to take advantage of this knowledge exchange, listen to international speakers and specialists in Die Casting, obtain first-hand information on the latest research findings and the technological advantages and their use.

He will contact exhibitors and exchange views on current developments, new products and innovative systems. Whether you are a manufacturer of vehicles, automotive components, machinery or plant, production specialist, developer or buyer, in this Development Platform, which is a complete solution shop, you will discover new products, share experiences and establish valuable business contacts.

Information for Visitors