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Corona Crisis

Expert Panel: Focus on German Foundries

White Paper Coverbild_Expert Panel German Foundries

While German foundries were already struggling with a downturn, the corona crisis has further shaken the industry. The challenge now is to provide assistance and make concrete recommendations for action.

For this purpose we invited our experts to a discussion round in April. The key statements of the German-language webcast have been summarized here in English. 

Our experts provide answers to the following questions: What was the situation before the corona crisis? How does the crisis management in the foundries look like? What should foundries do now to take advantage of opportunities and to minimize risks?

These experts participated in the discussion round:
•    Max Schumacher, Managing Director of the Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry (BDG)
•    Dr. Fynn-Willem Lohe, Plant Officer at the Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry
•    Johannes Messer, Freelance Consultant
•    Christopher Boss, Director and International Product Manager of EUROGUSS (host)



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