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EUROGUSS MEXICO Virtual Weeks 2021 Final “Live Action” Day with Expert Panel on Industry Trends and More Lectures

Editor: Nicole Kareta

This Tuesday, many more highlights await the participants of the EUROGUSS MEXICO Virtual Weeks. The final live action day boosts a comprehensive program featuring experts from all areas of the die casting process.

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On May 18, 2021, the last day of EUROGUSS MEXICO Virtual Weeks, prominent experts discuss the biggest trends that shake the industry.
On May 18, 2021, the last day of EUROGUSS MEXICO Virtual Weeks, prominent experts discuss the biggest trends that shake the industry.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pixabay )

A true highlight on Tuesday, May 18, is the panel discussion “Disruptive Changes in the NA Foundry industry – Risk or Opportunity?”. Prominent experts discuss the biggest trends that shake the industry, from post-corona-economy to giga castings and a shortage of skilled workers. Joining the panel: Ing. Alejandro Arrambide, Vehicle Structures & Electrification North America at Nemak, Edgar Alarcón, Global Senior Purchasing Manager at Ford, Jaime Puente, Chief Technical Officer at BOCAR, Jost Gärtner, Managing Partner AluMag Automotive GmbH and Dr. Heinrich Fuchs, Vice President Engineering at Martinrea Honsel (Moderator). The discussion panel starts at 7 PM (CET).

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Many more exhibitors and experts from all over the world present their innovations at EUROGUSS MEXICO Virtual Weeks. From the VDMA Metallurgy association comes an interesting lecture on intelligent machine-to-machine communication, an important topic to make foundry processes more efficient. In another lecture, Prof. Sven Roeren opens up on how foundries can withstand volatile markets and crises.

Until the end of May, exhibitors and visitors can continue to access the EUROGUSS MEXICO Virtual Weeks to share information, arrange meetings and communicate live using chat and video functions. The program of the last EUROGUSS MEXICO Virtual Weeks day can be found in this article. All lectures will be recorded and are available on demand.

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