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Lubricants FUCHS becomes Lubricants Partner of DMG MORI Qualified Products Program

Editor: Isabell Page

Fuchs and DMG MORI AG are intensifying the technology partnership they entered into in 2017 through the DMG MORI Qualified Products Program (DMQP). From now on, lubricant company Fuchs will also be recognized as the certified DMQP partner at DMG MORI and will supply cooling lubricants and lubricants that have been exclusively tailored to machines and processes.

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With the DMG MORI Qualified Products Program, Fuchs and DMG MORI are intensifying their technological partnership.
With the DMG MORI Qualified Products Program, Fuchs and DMG MORI are intensifying their technological partnership.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pixabay )

In the run-up to EMO 2019, the partnership was sealed by Thomas Wilke, Head of Industrial Sales at Fuchs, and Christoph Grosch, Executive Director at DMG MORI and head of the DMQP program. “As a certified DMQP partner, we are glad to use our innovative and technologically sophisticated lubricants to help customers and users to achieve maximum machine performance and productivity gains,” says Stefan Fuchs, Chairman of the Executive Board of FUCHS PETROLUB SE.

Thomas Wilke adds: “Lubricants for the metalworking industry and designed for use in machine tools must be efficient, economical, robust and free of ingredients that are harmful to the environment and health. All relevant processes and associated lubricants must also be coordinated for sustainability reasons, as excellently demonstrated by our new ECOCOOL TNA-IDM. As lubricants partner in the DMQP program, this is something that we are able to ensure.”

The DMQP program generates synergies out of machines, peripheries and accessories with the very highest quality standards. It combines innovation and technology expertise from selected DMQP partners, who have been exclusively awarded the premium seal of quality for their products. The global DMQP seal of quality makes available and specifically recommends more than 2,400 periphery and accessory products for integrated manufacturing solutions worldwide. The product categories include “shaping,” “handling,” “measuring” and “monitoring” as well as periphery and accessory components for additive manufacturing.

This article is based on a press release by Fuchs Schmierstoffe GmbH.

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