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EUROGUSS 2020 Product News Fully Networked Aluminum Foundry

Editor: Nicole Kareta

At EUROGUSS 2020 from 14 to 16 January 2020, Italpresse Gauss, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator will be presenting a seamless overall solution for aluminum die casting. The intended aim is to maximize productivity and quality while keeping costs and resources to a minimum.

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Italpresse Gauss and StrikoWestofen will be showcasing the Complete Connected Aluminium Foundry at EUROGUSS 2020.
Italpresse Gauss and StrikoWestofen will be showcasing the Complete Connected Aluminium Foundry at EUROGUSS 2020.
(Source: Jan Karow)

The fully networked aluminum foundry includes melting and metering, metal transfer, die casting, surface treatment and process digitization. Italpresse Gauss, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator will be presenting the technologies and services in digital exhibits, systems and demonstrations at EUROGUSS 2020. All three brands are part of the Norican Group, whose digital team will also be present to showcase the latest IIoT solutions for die casting applications. These digital products have been tested in practice and are designed to give aluminum foundries the reins when it comes to data and process control.

Italpresse Gauss presents Innovations in Die Casting

With decades of experience in the industry, Italpresse Gauss will be presenting its expertise in pressure, low-pressure and gravity die casting at the international trade fair. The visitors will be able to discover die casting systems that are tailored to the requirements of aluminum production and can produce large and structurally complex castings. In addition, versatile, highly productive casting cells for pressure, low-pressure and gravity die casting will be presented. Also new is the HMe control system, which provides the basis for comprehensive analysis of plant and process data and integrates peripheral and mobile devices. This allows the entire die casting process to be monitored and controlled via a single user interface.

Space-saving Dosing Furnace from StrikoWestofen

StrikoWestofen specializes in melting, dosing and metal transport technologies with a focus on performance, efficiency and low energy consumption. At EUROGUSS 2020, the company will present a new, customized version of the Westomat metering furnace. The new model is easy to install, clean and maintain and enables space-saving integration with the die casting system. The dosing furnace has two casting positions and a footprint reduced by 14% to fit easily into existing cells, creating additional production capacity in the smallest of spaces. The Refill Monitor can also be viewed. It is based on "NoriGate" IIoT hardware and collects level and alloy data from several dosing furnaces and displays them centrally. Overfilling or underfilling and supplying the die casting plant with the wrong alloy can thus be ruled out. In addition, a partial load control was developed for StrikoMelter to help foundries reduce their energy consumption by up to 20%. The technology optimizes melting and holding over capacity fluctuations to avoid many short melting periods. Using StrikoWestofen's special efficiency calculator, trade visitors to the booth can directly see what cost and energy savings are possible with StrikoMelter or StrikoMelter BigStruc compared to less energy-efficient furnaces.

StrikoWestofen‘s Westomat will also be at EUROGUSS.
StrikoWestofen‘s Westomat will also be at EUROGUSS.
(Source: Norican Group)

Wheelabrator: Surface Treatment especially for Aluminum

Wheelabrator will be at EUROGUSS 2020 for the first time, showcasing surface treatment solutions tailored to aluminum applications. Visitors can see the latest developments in blasting equipment for aluminum foundries, such as the SPH-2-3/8, a new compact equipment for aluminum, and the LBS1000, a wire belt system that is particularly well suited to aluminum production. The wheel of fortune can also be turned - a true TITAN jet turbine connected to Norican's Monitizer software, which optimizes plant and process data.

Delivering the Complete Connected Aluminium Foundry

Norican Digital develops IIoT products specifically for aluminum die casting and iron foundries. During EUROGUSS 2020, visitors can learn more about these manufacturer-agnostic, open and secure solutions and see how they support the end-to-end, fully networked aluminum foundry. Particular attention will be paid to linking individual systems to enable optimum performance and unlock great potential for cost and resource savings.

The Norican Digital team - along with experts from Norican's global service and aftermarket network - will be on hand to show interested trade visitors how innovative new services and digital products can help the aluminum casting industry improve quality, minimize maintenance, eliminate unplanned downtime and make the best use of resources.

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