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Save the Date German Symposium - Digitization in the Foundry Industry

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FAPS-IPC GmbH, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schlüter of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, is organizing a symposium on the subject of "Digitization in the Foundry Industry". The German-speaking event will take place from 09 to 10 October 2019 in Nuremberg.

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The entire industry is digitizing, and this trend is not stopping at foundries either.
The entire industry is digitizing, and this trend is not stopping at foundries either.
(Source: gemeinfrei / Pixabay )

German industry is facing major challenges due to the integration of production with modern information and communication technology. The foundry industry with its predominantly medium-sized structure is characterised by a low degree of automation due to the very long service life of the producing machines. Convincing concepts and visions are necessary here in order to change a process that has been established for years.

At the symposium, experts from industry and research will present industry-specific 4.0 solution approaches for technology optimization and describe the successful practical implementation.

The reference model Foundry 4.0, developed in a working group of the Federation of German Foundry Companies (Bundesverband Deutscher Gießereien), helps companies to determine their Industry 4.0 maturity level and to define fields of action.

High data availability is the basis for Industry 4.0 applications, which will be presented by the speakers as examples. The spectrum of applications ranges from increasing energy efficiency in the melting shop to intralogistic measures during transport and process optimisation in the die casting cell. New technologies in the field of melting furnaces, additive manufacturing, the use of RFID and aspects of quality management are further topics.

A visit to promeos GmbH in Nuremberg offers the opportunity to meet a specialist for fully premixing flame-free gas burner technology. The company also develops and manufactures individual heating systems and industrial furnaces, taking into account energy-efficient, climate-friendly and economic aspects, as demonstrated by the demonstration of a ladle heating system in live mode.

More Information

The technical director of the event, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schlüter of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences (Faculty of Engineering), will open the symposium with a lecture on digitization as a key technology for future casting operations.
Further lectures on the two days will illuminate topics such as the casting operation of the future, production increase through intelligent value creation, flexible process control through Smart Data and industry-specific challenges.

Take a look at the German program here!

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