GF Machining Solutions for Aviation Sector

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The aviation sector brings GF Machining Solutions several major orders in North America with a volume of around $ 100 million. Delivery of the metal parts begins in 2019 and will take four years.

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GF Machining Solutions recently opened its competence center in Huntersville, North Carolina (USA), which focuses on the North American aviation and energy sectors.
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The aerospace industry is one of the key sectors in GF Machining Solutions' 2020 strategy. With its recently opened competence center in Huntersville, North Carolina (USA), which focuses on the North American aerospace and energy sector, the division underlines its commitment to actively support customers, especially in the production process of future engine programs. The new competence center will enable the division to significantly strengthen its presence in this promising market segment within the Nafta region.

The new orders, worth approximately $ 100 million, cover the full range of electric discharge machines (EDM), milling and laser machines as well as automation solutions and services. The new machines will be used by customers - well-known engine manufacturers and their suppliers - for the sophisticated production of blades, blisks (Blade Integrated Disks) and other complex components for the latest generation of engines.

GF Machining Solutions offers machine tools, automation solutions and customer services for the production of molds, tools and high-quality metal parts. The division operates production facilities in Switzerland, Sweden, China, and the USA and serves customers locally through its own sales companies in over 50 countries.

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