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Vacuum Impregnation Godfrey & Wing CAPi to Seal Transmission Cases and Clutches in Slovakia

Editor: Nicole Kareta

Godfrey & Wing has received a contract from a tier-one German-based die casting and machining partner to supply a Continuous Advanced Powertrain impregnation (CAPi) system. The CAPi is an automated vacuum impregnation system incorporating Godfrey & Wing's patented Dry Vacuum & Pressure (DVP) impregnation process.

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Vacuum impregnation was developed over 70 years ago to seal porosity in cast metal parts.
Vacuum impregnation was developed over 70 years ago to seal porosity in cast metal parts.
(Source: Godfrey & Wing)

Beginning in 2022, the system will seal leak paths in aluminum die cast transmission cases and clutches in Slovakia. This contract is the fifth vacuum impregnation system purchased by this company since 2013. All systems integrate with machining, washing, and leak testing to create a fully automated environment.

“This CAPi is the second impregnation system investment in a long-term program. With one of the fastest impregnation cycle times, the system will seal four different transmission parts from three automotive OEMs.” Said Ralf Versmold Managing Director, Godfrey & Wing GmbH. “The CAPi enables continuous production with no direct labor in a sophisticated manufacturing environment.”

The system's modular footprint is tailored to the manufacturer's required production layout. This CAPi will integrate with inbound and outbound conveyors and secondary processing. This enables a shorter cycle time and eliminates the risk of part damage due to operator mishandling.

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