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Trade Fair News Grand Opening of China Diecasting 2020

Editor: Nicole Kareta

China Diecasting 2020 attracted more than 260 exhibitors from nine countries and more than 11,000 trade visitors from all over the world. Two congresses and 12 onsite events were held, including one theme event, four casting product displays and competition events, as well as 61 speeches and reports.

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China Diecasting 2022 in July was a successful relaunch for the die casting industry.
China Diecasting 2022 in July was a successful relaunch for the die casting industry.
(Source: NürnbergMesse)

With the theme of "Digital Application and Intelligent Development of High Efficiency Die Casting Manufacturing", China Diecasting and concurrent exhibition China Nonferrous were held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 15-17, 2020. Industry leading technologies and products were displayed on the exhibition, and hot topics such as market changes and automobile lightweight were focused on during the onsite events.

Whole Industry Chain Display

China Diecasting 2020 focused on the world's advanced technology, equipment and mainstream products in the field of nonferrous metals and die casting, such as: Bühler China, Yizumi, Beijing Jingdiao, Dalian Yaming, Dong Guan Jingming, Nachi-Fujikoshi, Ube, Strikowestofen, Bohmer, Idra etc. Exhibitors showed a positive attitude to the market to share the industry new products, new technology, and new applications.

Affected by the epidemic situation, Japanese die casting enterprises still attach great importance to China Diecasting 2020. 21 well-known Japanese enterprises jointly appeared on the scene as the Japan Pavilion, and showed the high quality Japan die castings.

Intelligent and Digital Application Display

With the upgrading of smart workshops and e-information applications, the intelligent manufacturing has become a new method for enterprises to improve the management, as well as for full transformation and emerging markets exploration. China Diecasting 2020 takes Digital Application and Intelligent Development of High Efficient Die Casting Manufacturing as the theme ,and presents in the form of theme display, journey and white paper.

Events Focused on Industry Hotspots

Two congresses and 12 onsite events were held at the exhibition site, which went deep into the industry segments. Discussions on hot topics such as intelligence, lightweight, low pressure gravity etc. helped enterprises obtain more high-quality industry information.

The 15th China International Die Casting Congress & The 6th China Symposium on Nonferrous Alloys and Special Casting Technologies: In the theme of "Innovative Development and Practical Application of Nonferrous Alloys and Die Casting Technologies", the congress had invited experts from famous automakers such as Ford, Dongfeng Motor, GM; outstanding die casting producers such as Hongtu Technology, Dalian Yaming, IKD; leading research institutes such as Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology. Hot topics such as digitalization application, intelligent manufacturing, new materials development and application were discussed.

Release Conference - Innovative Products & Technologies: After being reviewed by experts,10 innovative technologies and products won the 2020 Innovative Products Award. The award ceremony was held at the exhibition site on July 16. The winning enterprises introduced their technologies and products.

Theme Day, experts gather together: Mold Manufacturing Day, Overseas Market Day, Auto-Tech Day, Seminar on Magnesium Casting Technology and Seminar on Low Pressure & Gravity Casting Technology had invited enterprises and research institutes such as Ford China, Dongfeng, GF, Idra, Beijing Jingdiao Group, Magma, Eaton China, Techno Wave, Visi-trak, Hysh, Jiangsu University.

Die casting display for inspiration: In order to help die casting enterprises to expand the application fields such as medical, communications, 3C, China Diecasting 2020 added High-quality Casting Appreciation, Non-ferrous Casting Classification Display on the basis of Best Die Casting Competition and Japan Die Casting Parts Display. 80 castings from 50 enterprises participated in Best Die Casting Competition. Four gold award castings and ten excellent castings were selected on site, and the award ceremony was held.

Online Viewing Channels

While affected by the global epidemic, China Diecasting 2020 still attracted 11,986 viewers and 240 purchasing groups from die casting and color-related industries such as accessories for automobiles and motorcycles, electronics, electrical appliances, mechanical and electrical instrument, electric tool, metal for architecture use, light fixtures, toys. In order to share the highlights of the exhibition with the global professionals, China Diecasting 2020 provided multi angle viewing methods.

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