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Safety Heat Protection Clothing in the Foundry Industry

Editor: Nicole Kareta

In foundries, the steel industry and iron production, Kager's aluminized heat-protective claddings are among the indispensable PPE for workers at blast furnaces and crucibles. They comply with the flame retardancy requirements of DIN EN ISO 11612:2015 and provide effective full body protection for work in environments with radiant heat of up to 1,000 °C.

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For use at high-temperature workplaces, workers need heat protection clothing that can withstand radiant heat of up to 1,000 °C.
For use at high-temperature workplaces, workers need heat protection clothing that can withstand radiant heat of up to 1,000 °C.
(Source: Kager/U-Tech)

Anyone working in extreme environments with radiant heat of up to 1,000 °C must be able to rely on their personal protective clothing (PPE). Kager's occupational safety range therefore includes aluminized coats, gloves, gaiters and protective hoods which, thanks to their special high-tech fabrics and coatings, offer the wearer both effective heat protection and the best possible freedom of movement. The protective clothing complies with all relevant standards for occupational safety (DIN EN ISO 11612, EN 407, EN 388) and is designed for use in foundries, the steel industry, iron production and many other high-temperature areas.

Safety for Hands and Head

Partially aluminized mittens and gloves with inner surfaces made of split leather and aramid fabric or models with gripping surfaces made of Preox aramid fabric and additional silicone coating ensure optimum protection of the hands when working at high temperatures. If required, all-round aluminized gloves - also made of Preox-Aramid - are also used. Kager's equipment all complies with EN 407 (thermal risks) and EN 388 (mechanical risks).

In the case of head protection hoods, large versions with additional protective surfaces for the neck, neck, chest and shoulders are particularly recommended. They allow Schuberth or Voss helmets to be worn underneath and have integrated viewing frames for fitting clear or gold-coated polycarbonate lenses. These protective hoods are available in several weight classes (260 - 500 gm2) and with vision panels of different sizes. They also comply with DIN EN ISO 11612:2008 or 2015 (heat and flame protection).

Body and Feet well Protected

Designed according to the same occupational safety standards, for example, collarless frontal protective jackets with open backs or completely closed versions with stand-up collars and Velcro fasteners prevent burns. Their soft Preox aramid fabric with an aluminum high vacuum coating offers good wearing comfort combined with optimum heat protection. The full-body coats in particular can be well individualized with numerous applications - for example, with a high collar, back ventilation, sleeve adjustment or a quick-release fastener with flap.

To protect the feet and shins from radiant heat up to 1,000 °C, gaiters are recommended which are also made of aluminized Preox Aramid fabric. Depending on the version, they also have an integrated spring steel reinforcement. They are available in different weight classes (480/500 g/m2) and can be adapted to different shoe sizes.

With its range of heat protection clothing, Kager aims to make a valuable contribution to ergonomics and safety at workplaces in industrial high-temperature areas.

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