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Case Study High Efficiency Release Agent Reduces Cycle Time

Author / Editor: Darko Tomazic / Nicole Kareta

To increase productivity, efficiency and sustainability in foundries, Chem-Trend has developed a new release agent for micro-spray applications. The results of the case study show how an automotive supplier benefited from HERATM.

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An automobile parts manufacturer took advantage of the new release agent developed by Chem-Trend.
An automobile parts manufacturer took advantage of the new release agent developed by Chem-Trend.
(Source: Chem-Trend)

The high efficiency release agent HERATM from Chem-Trend enables die casters to modify their release agent application method and equipment for process optimization. However, this shift from conventional to HERATM requires a major change in application method and equipment. An automotive parts manufacturer engaged with Chem-Trend to implement this approach to release agents. The company was able to achieve positive results with little disruption.

Working alongside with the automotive parts manufacturer, Chem-Trend analyzed, customized, tested, and implemented the new process. By pairing the HERATM product with new equipment and processes, they aimed to improve all aspects to exceed previous results.

Positive Outcomes

Chem-Trend‘s client achieved a 10.5 % reduction in cycle time and reduced second-stage shot velocity as well as die lubricant concentrate consumption. HERATM also provided several advantages, both short- and long-term:

  • Improved die life through reduced thermal shock
  • Efficient single-position spray application
  • Reduced usage of plant air
  • Improved process reliability
  • Several sustainability advantages
  • Less product and less waste

This case study originates from Chem-Trend.

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