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Sep 14, 2021

IECI's temperature control on all steps of the die casting process

From a simple single-circuit oil temperature control unit to the largest die-casting plants on three continents: IECI can rely on a 40-year long experience in the high-pressure die casting foundries.

Nowadays, IECI's strong suit is to give its customers the possibility to fully customize the TCUs and to adapt them to every part of the die-casting process. In contrast to all other temperature control manufacturers, who design TCUs to work indiscriminately on any tool or process, IECI understood that each of those tools and parts of the process have different needs and critical aspects that must be taken into account. So the die thermal balance is different from the one of the sleeve or of the piston.

For instance, the temperature control of the shot sleeve reduces extremely the "banana effect", which allows an increase in the life of the component and a better plunger stroke. One of IECI's customers in Ohio went from 40.000 shots on a shot sleeve cooled with mains water to 130.000 shots on the same sleeve with IECI thermoregulation.

Among other things, IECI takes advantage of the possibility to manage the TCUs thanks to its open PLC allowing a wide customization of the component management and a total compatibility with all communication protocols on the market as well as with OPC UA and corporate MES environments.

IECI not only offers temperature control units, but is also a leading company in the production of quenching tanks, connection systems and multi-channel systems for larger die-casting cells.