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Press Release Individual Temperature Control Solution

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A new 3-point PID controller can now be used as a special controller for use in temperature control applications.

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This is the new R4100 Controller.
This is the new R4100 Controller.
(Source: ELOTECH Industrieelektronik GmbH)

The 3-point PID controller R4100 can be used as a special controller for use in temperature control applications. All essential functions are clearly visible on the 3.5-inch touch LCD. In addition, graphics can also be displayed, e.g. for better recognition of temperature curves. The special feature is that the integrated program controller precisely tracks the temperature profile set by the user. The user can program up to 8 different temperature profiles (programs) in detail and assign them individually to the program keys. A self-optimization algorithm ensures even more precise control. It is also possible to freely configure ramp sequences. In addition, the integrated web server offers remote access via LAN or WLAN with devices such as smartphones, PDAs or PCs. This enables easy control or monitoring of the system from other workstations after the IP address has been entered.

The controller consists of two units. The first unit is the control module with a 3.5" touch display, which can be installed as a rear-mounted component in control panels. An optional robust protective foil in individual design protects the front from water (spray) and dust. If required, the film can be further individualised with texts and logos on the film. An alternative control panel, which is mounted at the back with clamps, is in planning.

The second unit is the remote-controlled IO top hat rail mounting component. Depending on the model R4100 there are different interface options: RS-232/RS-485/TTY or Profibus/Profinet. In addition, sensor inputs for temperature, flow rate, pressure and level indicator are available. A control option, e.g. for main and booster pumps, is also available. In addition, different types of thermocouples can be connected to the unit.

This article is based on a press release by Elotech Industrieelektronik GmbH.

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