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Data Analytics, Machine Learning and IoT

Industry 4.0 in Foundry Sand Molding Process Technology

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A data analytically controlled cloud computing based software solution is to optimize green sand systems by predicting influences on the sand properties.

SMART factories are characterized by the integration of data analysis, machine learning, SCADA and line speed and many other possibilities. The support of predictive and prescriptive data allows high-precision result predictions to be made. In the manufacturing industry in particular, this development has led to a paradigm shift. In addition, cloud computing can now be used to generate and store huge amounts of data.
By combining the power of data-based analytics and machine learning, some industries have already achieved significant material and immaterial gains. This makes the implementation of Industry 4.0 even more relevant for foundries. This paper presents a data analytics driven cloud computing-based software product solution for Green Sand System Optimization.

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Whitepaper Cover: Spotlightmetal


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