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Event International Symposium for Lost Foam Casting 2018

Editor: Isabell Page

The international symposium for Lost Foam Casting 2018 will take place in Bremen shows new technological developments and offers an exchange with experts.

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Review: an event with enthusiastic participants

Exciting presentations by J. Villareal (Mexico) on the development of a complete market-ready process chain under his own management, by G. Peng (China), H. von der Weiden (NL) and K. Cermak (GER) on the status of the Lost Foam casting production in China – particularly impressive XXL castings of up to 500 kg – and by Dr. J. Wiesenmüller (GER) and R. Kljinsma (NL) on quality casting from Europe revealed impressive facts and trends. New research topics were also brought into focus. M. Wallum (USA) introduced a new EPS, which enables particularly thin wall thicknesses and smooth casting surfaces. From the currently intensive development work of the Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen, J. Clausen presented the pattern production from wood foam. The vision: A „green foundry“ that is particularly environmentally friendly due to the use of renewable raw materials. All technical aspects of the process chain were presented as part of a guided tour in the rooms of the Fraunhofer IFAM with real plant technology.

The aim of the expert meeting was an international exchange on the lost foam procedure with insights into the activities of the respective countries. As a result, it became clear that Russia, Ukraine, Iran, the USA and China are no longer lagging behind, but have overtaken Europe as the leadership force. The participants from all over the world were enthusiastic about the possibility of networking with the international specialists. The trend-setting contributions, such as that by M. Miller (USA) on the subject of pattern production, met with particularly high interest. Miller presented components created by 3D printing and showed their casting results.

Lost Foam is the innovative way to produce the most complex components more easily, cost-effectively and efficiently. The advantages of the casting process and how it works, starting from manufacturing of a polymer foam model to finish the component, can be found in the related article: Production of Highly Complex Components Using the Lost Foam Casting Process

A worldwide important event for this technology, meanwhile especially expanding in Asia, is the international symposium for Lost Foam Casting taking place from November 7th to 8th in Bremen. Participants can profit from lectures and workshops with leading Lost Foam experts from Europe, China, Mexico and the USA.

The symposium deals with the latest technological developments and application possibilities for Lost Foam. In addition, there is the opportunity to find out about the general conditions and quality requirements in the various sales markets. Examples will be used to show which problems and challenges can be solved with Lost Foam today. Practical knowledge about current trends, possible applications and cast part designs will be conveyed. There will be the opportunity to meet numerous speakers from all over the world and to exchange ideas with the major players in the industry.

Awards for Lost Foam Innovations

As a part of the symposium, the LFC Award 2018 will be presented. The prize is awarded for the implementation of a casting which exploits the specific advantages of the Lost Foam process and highlights the superiority of the technology.

Further information and contacts can be found on the homepage of the Lost Foam Council.

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